Public Transit API v3 Developer's Guide


RT, when present, contains the actual arrival or departure time, and also the platform information (if available) for transit stations.

Table 1. RT Type Attributes
Attribute Always Included Type Description
has_arr - Boolean If 0 the arrival is cancelled.

The default is 1.

has_dep - Boolean If 0 the departure is cancelled.

The default is 1.

arr - DateTime Time when the transport arrives to a location or a station.
dep - DateTime Time when the transit leaves a location or a station.
new_stop - Boolean The stop is a new stop in the service route.

The default is 0.

platform - String Platform name/number where the transit line stops.
status - String If the attribute is not present it's considered that the train is scheduled at the given arrival/departure time and at the given platform.

Possible other values are:

  • redirected: The line is not following the normal stops sequence
  • replaced: User should take a replacement service for this transit
  • cancelled: The service has a permanent failure and will not arrive and depart
  • additional: This is an additional not planned service