Public Transit API v3 Developer's Guide


Sec represents a section of the entire connection. It contains information about departure, arrival and journey.

Table 1. Sec Type Attributes
Attribute Always Included Type Description
uncertainty - Integer The times specified a number of minutes of uncertainly. If the attribute is not present this section is based on time table.
id - ID Unique identifier of a section. Other elements in the response may reference to this section using this ID (examples are Fare, Maneuvers, Link).
mode Yes Integer Numerical code of the transport mode that will be used on this trip section. See Transit Modes.
Table 2. Sec Type Elements
Element Always Included Type Description
Dep Yes Dep Contains information about a departure and includes time, station, address, platform and real time information if available. The Transport attributes provide information about the transport that need to be used for this departure.
Journey Yes Journey Journey type provides details for a journey. This include traveling duration, distance and a list of intermediate stops for transit modes.
Arr Yes Arr Contains destination of the current section/connection. Include an Address or a Station. If available real time information will also be provided.
Graph - Graph A polyline is a list of geographic coordinates. The edge between two subsequent coordinates is always assumed to be the shortest way between the two.