Public Transit API Developer's Guide


Possible attributes IDs that can appear under the Addr element.

Type: String

Table 1. IdListAddr allowed values
Value Content Type Description
category String If the address is a POI, this attribute will contain the category: parking - parking lot POI.
parkingId String Parking ID to call the Automotive Cloud Service Off Street parking API.
openingHours String Opening hours of the facility, for the different weekdays. Weekdays can be enumerated (comma separated) or can be a range separated by "-". First day of the week is considered Monday (Mo). Time range is also a range separated by "-" and using 24 hours format. If different days have different schedule, more schedules can appear separated by ";".

Example: Mo-Fr 8:00-20:00; Sa,Su 12:00-18:00.

PnR Boolean If 1 this POI is a parking of type "Park and Ride", i.e. is a parking specifically designed to allow transition between car and transit.
spaces Integer Number of spaces available in the parking lot.