Public Transit API Developer's Guide


Connection contains all available information about a complete route between departure and arrival.

Table 1. Connection Type Attributes
Attribute Always Included Type Description
id Yes String Identifier of the connection.
duration Yes TimeDelta Expected duration of the journey.
transfers Yes Integer Number of line changes to reach the destination.
alt - Boolean Returns 1 if the connection is a real-time alternative to an expected service, e.g replacement bus service in place of trains.

The default is 0.

has_alt - Boolean Returns 1 if a realtime alternative for this connection exists.

The default is 1.

ridable - Boolean If false then the connection is based on realtime situation not rideable.

The default is 1.

first_last_mile - Boolean If false this connection does not include the first and/or the last part of the trip, but only the long distance sections in between. This normally happens for providers that don't support first and last mile. Also set to 0, if the user specified first_last_mile=0 in the request.

The default is 1.

Table 2. Connection Type Elements
Element Always Included Type Description
Dep Yes Dep Information about a departure.

Include time and platform when present. Can contain an Address or a Station.

If the departure use a public transit, the Line attributes are provided.

If available realtime informations are provided.

Arr Yes Arr Destination of the current section/connection.

Include an Address or a Station.

If available realtime information will be provided.

Sections Yes Sections A connection is composed by one or more sections, using both public transit or pedestrian
Tariff - Tariff Tariff information section. Contains a list of different tickets alternatives you can buy for this connection.

First Tickets element determines the cheapest combination of one or multiple Ticket suitable for the standard single trip.

Further occurrences of Tickets element might offer other options, like discounts groups or different season tickets.

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