Public Transit API Developer's Guide


Fare Type contains information about a single fare needed for one or more sections of this connection.

Table 1. Fare Type Attributes
Attribute Always Included Type Description
currency Yes String Local currency of the price compliant to ISO 4217
estimated - Boolean Attribute value is 1 if the fare price is estimated, 0 if it's an exact value. For example most taxi fare can only be estimated since the final price depend on the trip duration which is affected by the traffic.

The default is 0.

name Yes String Name of the ticket
price Yes Decimal Price of the ticket
Note: If the fare type is 'range' this attribute include minimum and maximum price separated with the minus ('-') sign.
reason - String Reason for the cost described in this Fare element.

The default is ride.

sec_ids Yes IDREFS Whitespace-separated list of section ids of a connection covered by the given fare.
type - FareTypes Type of fare represented by this object. The client application is responsible to correctly visualize the fare model to the user.
Note: Since the supported fare types can be extended in the future, we recommend to hide the fare information when you enconter a fare type unknown to you.
See FareTypes for more details.

The default is value.

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