The HERE Vector Tile API is the web service through which you can access vector tiles containing HERE Map content. Each vector tile comprises raw geometric data that represents various map elements, including roads, buildings, bodies of water, and points of interest. This data is essential for displaying a specific map area at a predefined zoom level.

The main benefits of using vector tiles include their compact size and the ability to customize the appearance of map features to fit a personalized style. Vector tile representations are encoded in Protobuf, which makes them efficient for transfer over the web. Additionally, the tiles are optimized for visualization at 512 pixels, which allows for a high level of detail while maintaining efficient processing.

While HERE Vector Tile API itself does not allow for tailoring maps, it serves the data in a format that is easy to customize by using tools like the Style Editor in conjunction with the HERE Maps API for JavaScript, HERE SDK, or other third-party libraries, as demonstrated in the following figure:

HERE Vector Tile API as part of the HERE Rendering Portfolio
Figure 1. HERE Vector Tile API as part of the HERE Rendering Portfolio

In addition to its efficient encoding and customization capabilities, the HERE Vector Tile API follows the Web Mercator for map rendering and adheres to the Vector Tile Specification, which defines standards for data storage and encoding. This ensures consistency and compatibility with various mapping tools.

With the HERE Vector Tile API, you can enhance the mapping experience with valuable information, such as points of interest and businesses, to attract new users to your product. Its efficient use of data transfer, map content customizability, and compatibility with various mapping tools make the HERE Vector Tile API a versatile tool for creating dynamic and engaging maps.

Example: Japan Map Style

The following figure provides an example map customization that you can achieve by using the HERE Vector Tile API to obtain map data:

Japan Map Style
Figure 2. Japan Map Style

In this example, the Japan Map Style uses the HERE Vector Tile API as a data source to address the unique characteristics of Japan's extreme density compared to its sparse mountainous areas. This style emphasizes the needs of the local market, with a focus on features such as toll road networks, facilities and points of interest, public transportation including stations and networks, and building types.

Additionally, the style places an emphasis on labeling, including administrative and address structure, buildings, and geographical names. By utilizing the HERE Vector Tile API, the Japan Map Style provides a comprehensive and accurate representation of Japan's unique features and infrastructure, tailored to the needs of its users.

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  • To get hands-on experience with Vector Tile API, see the Get started guide.
  • To learn more about Vector Tile API endpoints and parameters, see the API Reference documentation.

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