Advanced Layers

The advanced layers consist of premium content that can be included in the vector tile response based on the content query parameter.


Requests that include the advanced layers are classified as transactions under the 'Advanced Vector Tile' category in the HERE Map Rendering system. For more information, see HERE platform pricing.

The following advanced layers are available in HERE Vector Tile API:

Request advanced layers

To receive advanced layer data in the API response, include the content parameter as a comma-separated list of layers that can include both the default tile content and the specific advanced layer data you want to obtain. For example, see the following request:

curl "{APIKEY_HERE}&content=default,advanced_pois,advanced_roads"


  • default is the default tile content
  • advanced_pois,advanced_roads are the requested advanced layer types

Result: The server response incorporates the default tile content and expands it to include the requested advanced layer data types. For example, the following snippet showcases an extracted sample of an advanced point of interest, specifically an electric vehicle charging station. This is indicated by the values of kind and pds_category within the response payload.

      "name:es":"E.On Drive Laddstation",

Next steps

  • For more information about other layer feature types available in the HERE Vector Tile API, see Tile Layers.

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