API Reference

A list of endpoints and parameters can always be found at the Open API specification. However, a more detailed explanation can be found below.

Vector Tile

A parametrized Vector Tile request looks like the following:

Parameter Type Values Description
layer path base, core Described here
projection path mc The projection of the tiles. So far only Mercator is available.
x path 0 to (2^z)-1 The x coordinate in the Mercator projection. Top left is (0,0).
y path 0 to (2^z)-1 The y coordinate in the Mercator projection. Top left is (0,0).
z path 0 to 17 The zoom level.
mv query string Described here
datasets query string Should follow: (-LAYER_1,-LAYER_2,...) Example values: (-roads) to remove just roads, (-water,-buildings) to remove both water areas and buildings, etc. For the full list of possible values, please check the layers documentation.

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