Buildings and Addresses

The following figure illustrates an example of buildings rendered from the data.

Example of Buildings in San Francisco
Figure 1. Example of Buildings in San Francisco

The layer content is defined as follows.

  • Layer name: buildings
  • Geometry types: point, polygon

This layer includes polygons that represent building footprints, building label placement points, building_part features, and address points. Important buildings appear at zoom level 14 and higher, all other buildings with simplified geometries appear on zoom level 15 and higher. All address points appear at zoom level 14 and higher.


Building geometries, like most geometries, are clipped to the bounds of the tile, even if the building extends beyond the tile. This means that it might be necessary to assemble a geometry from several neighboring tiles to recreate a full building. Some buildings are exceptionally large and span many tiles, which can make rendering complex.

Building Properties (common)

The following properties are used to define a building.

  • name - Generally the name the locals call the feature, in the local language script.
  • kind - Describes a simple or complex building that might have various parts. For possible values, see below.
  • kind_detail - A type of building. For possible values, see below.
  • sort_rank - This property is a suggestion in which order to render features. The value is an integer where smaller numbers suggest that features should be "behind" features with larger numbers. The value for all buildings is 475.
  • min_zoom - This property contains a suggested minimum zoom at which the building should become visible.

Building Properties (common-optional)

The following optional properties are used to define additional information about a building.

  • addr_housenumber - A string value of the building number. Filled for kind address.
  • height - Elevation of the roof above the ground. Indicated in meters with one decimal point, where available.
  • min_height - Elevation of the building's bottom above the ground if the bottom level of the building or its part is not located on the ground. Indicated in meters with one decimal point, where available.
  • has_landmark - true only if the building or a part of the building is available in the 3D Landmarks layer on the HERE platform. There is no false value, as the property is not present in that case.
  • layer - This property indicates vertical ordering.

Building kind Values

  • building - polygon
  • building_part - polygon, might have different height and min_height properties
  • address - point, contains the addr_housenumber property

Building kind_detail Values


Additional kind_detail values are provided from the POI kind values in case one is not available from the building feature. This means that you can see any POI kind value as a building kind_detail value.

  • art - cultural buildings: library, museum, or theatre
  • arts_centre - venues where arts are performed or exhibited
  • commercial - business or commerce buildings: bank, business facility, hotel, or motel
  • educational_institution - university, college, or school buildings
  • fire_station - emergency services
  • government - post offices, embassies, city halls, courts, government offices, or county councils
  • historical - historical monuments
  • hospital - medical service or hospital buildings
  • industrial - buildings where some industrial processes take place
  • landmark - buildings that are relevant landmarks, used for navigation, recognizable for users, and often visible from long distances
  • mixed_use - buildings with a combination of residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, or industrial purposes.
  • park - parks or leisure buildings: bar, pub, casino, park area, or golf course
  • parking - buildings constructed primarily for the purpose of parking cars, which can be single-storey or multi-storey
  • police - police stations
  • religion - buildings built as places of worship: church, mosque, temple, synagogue, ashram, or gurdwara
  • residential - buildings used primarily for residential purposes
  • retail - buildings used primarily for selling goods to the general public
  • sports - sports center or activity buildings
  • tourism - tourist attractions or tourist offices
  • trade - facilities used for large events such as trade shows, trade fairs, or conventions
  • transportation - buildings used for public transportation

Building kind_detail Values for Certain Areas in core

The following list of kind_detail values is only applicable for some regions of the world within the core layer parameter. For more information about the layer parameters available in the HERE Vector Tile API, see Layer Parameter.

Below are these kind_detail values within the core layer parameter for Japan:

  • airport - a facility that provides a designated area for the landing and takeoff of aircraft and the dispensing and loading of aircraft contents and passengers
  • bank - a business that specializes in the maintenance, lending, exchange, or issue of money for its customers (for example, central banks, consumer banks, credit unions)
  • bar - a nightlife or entertainment business that sells alcoholic beverages and may serve food or light meals
  • books - a retail business that primarily sells books
  • bridge - a bridge building
  • bus_station - a public transport facility that provides a hub in the intercity bus service network
  • car - a business that sells cars
  • car_rental - a business that provides automobiles to rent for short periods of time for a fee
  • car_repair - a business that provides automotive services, usually a major chain, for the repair or maintenance of a motor vehicle
  • casino - a gaming business that provides any variety of legal gambling
  • church - a religious place of worship for those of the Christian faith
  • cinema - a business that provides a place for showing movies to a large audience
  • civic - a government building that provides space to the public for community events, special events, seasonal programs, organized classes, as well as a general space for rent
  • clothes - a retail business that sells general apparel, garments, and/or fashion accessories for men, women, and children
  • convenience - a retail business that sells a combination of food and other products, and may or may not also sell fuel
  • courthouse - a government building where a court of law is held
  • department_store - a retail business that sells a wide variety of merchandise and organized into various departments for sales and administrative purposes
  • electronics - a business that sells consumer electronics and electronic entertainment equipment
  • embassy - a government building that houses diplomatic representatives of foreign countries
  • factory - a factory building
  • fuel - a business that sells fuel, oil, and other motoring supplies for drivers of automotive vehicles
  • grocery - a retail business that sells a large variety of different types of food, including fresh produce, packaged goods, bakery items, and meat products
  • hotel - a business that provides overnight lodging to the public and usually provides meals, entertainment, and various personal services
  • inclined_rail_station - a public transport facility that provides a hub for passengers travelling along an inclined cable-guided railway
  • library - a place in which literary, musical, artistic, or reference materials are kept for use and circulation, but are not for sale
  • mall - a complex of businesses, such as retail stores and restaurants, grouped together and sharing common services
  • marina - a facility that provides a dock or basin with moorings and supplies for yachts, small boats, or pleasure crafts
  • monorail_station - a public transport facility that provides a hub for passengers travelling along an elevated monorail railway
  • mosque - a religious place of worship for those of the Islamic faith
  • museum - a business with the primary function of the preservation and exhibition of artistic, historical, or scientific objects
  • nightclub - a nightlife or entertainment business that provides evening entertainment generally until the very early morning (for example, dance club, lounge, or wine bar)
  • office - a facility that contains business offices
  • passageway - a horizontal walkway
  • pharmacy - a retail business that sells prescription and non-prescription medications in addition to other general health remedies
  • post_office - a business that processes and transmits the mail for a specific area; this can include a local branch or a national office
  • restaurant - a business that sells refreshments and prepared meals and may provide seating and/or pickup/takeout services
  • school - an institution that provides basic elementary or secondary education to children and teenagers
  • ski - a business that sells skiing related items, such as skis, ski boots, clothing, and other accessories
  • synagogue - a religious place of worship for those of the Jewish faith
  • staircase - a facility for pedestrian movement
  • temple - a religious place of worship that may be dedicated to, but is not limited to, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Sikh, Jain, Ayyavazhi
  • theatre - a business that presents performing arts
  • toll_booth - a public transport feature that represents the structure along an expressway or thoroughfare where an automobile must pay a fee in exchange for usage of the roadway
  • townhall - a government building that houses the seat of an incorporated government for a municipality, city, borough, town, and other administrative unit
  • train_station - a public transport facility that provides a hub for passengers and goods travelling between minor and major cities along the railway network
  • university - a university building
  • winery - a landmark or attraction business that makes wine and may provide tours or wine tastings, which are open to the public

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