The following figure illustrates an example of a view of the earth rendered from the data.

Continent View
Figure 1. Continent View

The layer content is defined as follows.

  • Layer name: earth
  • Geometry types: point, line


There is a key difference when compared to the Tilezen's implementation, as HERE only includes label positions and label texts for islands and continents. This means that HERE does not include the polygon geometry type for this layer.

Earth Properties (common)

The following properties are used to define a view of the earth.

  • name - This property contains the text to display in label placement points.
  • id - This is an ID used internally within HERE.
  • kind - Earth views can be one of the options listed below.

Earth kind Values

  • continent - point, intended for label placement only
  • island - point, intended for label placement only
  • ridge - line, intended for mountain ridge label placement

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