The following figure illustrates an example of a water feature rendered from the data.

View of the Mexico Gulf
Figure 1. View of the Mexico Gulf

The layer content is defined as follows.

  • Layer name: water
  • Geometry types: point, line, polygon

Water polygon geometries represent oceans, riverbanks, and lakes.

This layer also includes water line geometries for river and stream centerlines and label position point geometries for labeling polygons deduplicated across tile boundaries.

Water Properties (common)

The following properties are used to define a water feature.

  • name - This property contains the name of the geometry type and includes localized name variants.
  • kind - This can be one of the options listed below.
  • sort_rank - This property contains a suggestion in which order to render features. The value is an integer where smaller numbers suggest that features should be "behind" features with larger numbers.
  • min_zoom - This property indicates a suggested minimum zoom at which the feature should become visible.

Water Properties (common-optional)

  • id - This is an ID used internally within HERE. Available only for line and point geometries.
  • intermittent - true. This property marks features that sometimes run dry or disappear seasonally. Available only for kind stream.
  • display_class - This property indicates the importance of the corresponding water feature. The value is an integer from 1 (more important) to 8 (less important). Filled for line and point geometries.

Water kind and sort_rank Values

The water kind values are as follows:

  • fjord point - 200
  • sea point - 200
  • strait point - 200
  • water polygon - 200
  • canal line - 201
  • river line or point - 201
  • stream line - 201
  • lake point - 204
  • bay point - 205
  • ocean point - 205
  • swimming_pool polygon - 415

All polygons correspond to water while points and lines are used for labeling.

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