Required Copyright Notice

You must include an attribution statement when you use HERE data because the global coverage data HERE provides uses content from the HERE platform.

If your products and/or services use map data that is made accessible using this service, you shall provide end-users of your products and/or services with notice, in a reasonably conspicuous manner (e.g., in the End-User Terms and on every visualized map), of the supplier notices and related terms applicable to such map data by

  1. referencing the notices and related terms set here, and
  2. including the following copyright notice: © 20XX HERE, XXX, where 20XX is the current year, and XXX is the label text defined for a specific zoom level range and geographical area (see below).

The HERE Vector Tile API provides the copyright endpoint that you can use to retrieve the available copyright providers of the map. To request the list of copyright providers available for a map, use the copyright endpoint.

When you make a copyright request, the response is similar to the example below.

            "alt": "Aprobado por el INSTITUTO GEOGRAFICO NACIONAL Resolucion del IGN No 186-2011",
            "label":"IGN Guatemala",
            "alt":"copyright EuroGeographics",

For example, if the bounding box [16.5943, -91.4256, 17.8168, -89.0225] is included in your visible viewport and the zoom level is between 10 and 20, then the copyright statement that needs to be clearly visible on the map in 2019 is © 2019 HERE, IGN Guatemala.

You can store the copyright information in your client application. You must refresh this value every 24 hours.

The copyright information associated with the different layers, zoom level ranges, and geographical areas is shown. Variant copyrights are defined by the bounding boxes and the relevant zoom level range. The default copyright information of the view scheme has no restriction elements and is therefore valid for all remaining areas and zoom levels.

The copyright information is defined for each view scheme and contains the following elements:

Element Description
minLevel Minimum zoom level for the specified copyright label.
maxLevel Maximum zoom level for the specified copyright label.
label Copyright text to display after the copyright symbol on the map.
alt Verbose copyright text of the label to display by mouse over label or info menu entry.
boxes The bounding boxes define areas where specific copyrights are valid. A bounding box is defined by bottom (latitude), left (longitude) and top (latitude), right (longitude).

The default copyright has no boxes element and covers all other areas.

The bounding boxes may override or add to the copyright label depending on whether the map view is contained completely within one of the bounding boxes or overlaps partially one or more of them.

When visualizing an area, all of the copyright providers that have bounding boxes overlapping to that viewport need to be visualized on top of the map.

For example, when rendering an area over Guatemala, provided the copyright information is similar to the one displayed above, the image could be similar to this one.

Copyright statement over Guatemala
Figure 1. Copyright statement over Guatemala

For more information, see the following documents.

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