Send a Request

To start using this service, you need to get your credentials as described in the Identity & Access Management Developer Guide.

Obtain a Vector Tile

Follow these steps after obtaining your credentials:

  1. Select a zoom level value between 0 and 17.
  2. Convert your latitude and longitude into col and row values. For more information, see Mercator Projection.
  3. Request the tile.

    For example, the following command requests a tile with a base layer using Mercator projection at zoom layer 11, with x and y coordinates at 1100 and 673 respectively in Map Vector Tile open specification format:

    Bearer token
    | Apikey
    curl -H "Authorization: Bearer TOKEN_HERE" ""
    curl ""
  4. Decode the tile using the related Protobuf schema.

For more information about making a request to the endpoint, see

For more information about the possible parameters, see the API reference.

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