Vector layer definition Map version Region Change description
1.0.28 in345jp128 MX Fixed assignment of network attribute for Mexico roads based on region.
1.0.28 in345jp128 All Added bridge and tunnel attributes for railroad lines.
1.0.28 in345jp128 All Changed starting zoom level for bridge and tunnel attributes to 8. Relatively small bridges and tunnels are merged on zoomed-out levels.
1.0.28 in345jp128 All Fixed unaligned linear geometries between neighbor tiles on most detailed zoom levels.
1.0.28 in345jp128 All Improved performances by moving some water and landuse polygons to more detailed zoom levels.


Vector layer definition Map version Region Change description
1.0.27 in337jp128 All Fixed oversimplified glaciers and deserts polygons. Filtering of other cartographic labels like lakes and national parks are now included on more zoomed-out levels
1.0.27 in337jp128 All Fixed Baja California road network value to MX:BCN, based on region assignment.
1.0.27 in337jp128 All Fixed missing US state borders on zoom level 15 and higher.
1.0.27 in337jp128 AU Added land parcel data as linear features with current coverage limited to Australian state of Victoria.


Vector layer definition Map version Region Change description
1.0.26 in334jp128 All Extended list of categories in the pois layer, and adjusted distribution of pois across storage levels. Aligned filtering of mountain peaks with OCM map.
1.0.26 in334jp128 All Avoid duplication and different label positions from neighborhood POIs.
1.0.26 in334jp128 All Removed duplicated building name positions.
1.0.26 in334jp128 All Fixed empty country reference in pviews endpoint response.


Vector layer definition Map version Region Change description
1.0.25 All For the tiles requested with an explicit map version - 'mv' parameter, the cache-control: max-age header value is now set to 1 day.
1.0.25 in332jp128 All Added merging for very short road segments with toll attribute on zoomed-out levels.
1.0.25 in332jp128 All Added deserts, glaciers, and mountain peaks representations to the default catalog.
1.0.25 in332jp128 CA Fixed logic for Trans-Canada road shields to have additional empty shield in Ontario and Quebec provinces.
1.0.25 in332jp128 All Fixed duplicated truck restrictions processing, merging them in a single feature.
1.0.25 in332jp128 All Fixed missing is_link data attribute for minor roads.
1.0.25 in332jp128 USA, UK Fixed rounding in conversion logic for length-related truck restrictions in the USA and UK.


Vector layer definition Map version Region Change description
1.0.24 in330jp128 All Fixed missing overlap between tiles for buildings which led to rendering artefacts on tile borders


Vector layer definition Map version Region Change description
1.0.23 in329jp128 All Only important buildings are now stored on zoom level 14. This significantly reduces tile size for zoom level 14.
1.0.23 in329jp128 All Buildings' geometries slightly simplified.


Vector layer definition Map version Region Change description
1.0.22 in327jp128 Japan Fixed missing block and parcel numbers configuration in compiler.
1.0.22 in327jp128 Japan Added a partial fix to avoid displaying bridges names on the expressway


Vector layer definition Map version Region Change description
1.0.21 in326jp127 Japan Added attribute display_type with value icon_with_label for all POIs compiled from road annotations.


Vector layer definition Map version Region Change description
1.0.20 in325jp126 All Limited filtering based on display levels from ROM to only country labels


Vector layer definition Map version Region Change description
1.0.19 in323jp126 All Fixed filtering of duplicated country borders for geopolitical views.
1.0.19 in323jp126 All Added filtering for place labels based on display level and geopolitical view, to avoid duplicated names for Pakistan, India, Malaysia and Indonesia.
1.0.19 in323jp126 All Fixed bug in incorrect admin border line merge and enabled merging logic for boundaries layer.


Vector layer definition Map version Region Change description
1.0.18 in321jp126 All Fixed bug in political view filtering and automated generation of political views list in catalog metadata layer
1.0.18 in321jp126 All Added workaround to fix incorrect merge for boundaries
1.0.18 in321jp126 All Fixed filtering of ferry lines to not use country-specific filtering that lead to gaps


Vector layer definition Map version Region Change description
1.0.17 in318jp126 All Fixed selection of default attribute name in places layer to use country default language variant.
1.0.17 in318jp126 All Fixed outline styling for environmental zones and national parks, with a better compilation of tiles overlap.
1.0.17 in318jp126 All Improved rivers representation with changed simplification attributes and filtering of small water polygons.
1.0.17 in318jp126 Japan Fixed filtering of water annotations based on display levels from source data.
1.0.17 in318jp126 All Added merging of lines with the same set of attributes in boundaries layer, to improve tile sizes on zoomed-out levels.


Vector layer definition Map version Region Change description
1.0.16 in315jp125 All Changed format of values stored in attribute hgv_time_restrictions in roads layer to Time Domain format.
1.0.16 in315jp125 All Removed attribute hgv:no for feature kinds in roads layer that inherently cannot be accessible by trucks like pedestrian roads and ski lifts/runs.
1.0.16 in315jp125 UK Changed values in hgv_restriction_shield_text for height in UK to be in imperial units. Example: 16'9".
1.0.16 in315jp125 US Changed values in hgv_restriction_shield_text for weight in US to not have space between value and unit. Example: 4T.
1.0.16 in315jp125 All Extended coverage for hgv_restriction attribute in roads layer to include all unknown restrictions.
1.0.16 in315jp125 All Roads with attribute hgv:no (not accessible by trucks) now show hgv_restriction attribute if present.
1.0.16 in315jp125 All Fixed geometry simplification on zoomed-out levels for landuses and admin borders to reduce tile sizes.
1.0.16 in315jp125 All Fixed filtering for alternative state labels that should not be used for rendering.


Vector layer definition Map version Region Change description
1.0.15 in313jp125 All Improved geometry simplification on zoomed-out levels.
1.0.15 in313jp125 USA Fixed missing tiles near Boston on zoom levels 7 and 8.
1.0.15 in313jp125 All Fixed rendering artefacts on one-way bridges.
1.0.15 in313jp125 All Fixed water rendering artefacts on tile border near Trinidad and Malaysia.


Vector layer definition Map version Region Change description
1.0.14 in311jp125 All Small truck restrictions are filtered out at zoomed-out levels.
1.0.14 in311jp125 All Fixed missing truck time restrictions for hgv_restriction: other in roads layer.
1.0.14 in311jp125 All Fixed gaps in roads at zoom levels 7 - 9.


Vector layer definition Map version Region Change description
1.0.13 in310jp125 Japan Fixed empty earth tiles in Japan
1.0.13 in310jp125 All Fixed missing Oakland bay bridge in San Francisco.


Vector layer definition Map version Region Change description
1.0.12 in309jp124 All Added new attribute service with value parking_aisle for kind_detail:service kind:minor_road in roads layer.
1.0.12 in309jp124 All Improved merging of lines in roads layer that have the same set of attributes into single linear geometry.
1.0.12 in309jp124 All Fixed city labels filtering based on importance by sorting by ids, so that results on different zoom levels are filtered deterministically.
1.0.12 in309jp124 All Added Arabic translation to continent names.
1.0.12 in309jp124 All Removed redundant points from geometries.
1.0.12 in309jp124 Japan Fixed filtering of annotations compiled to pois layer based on min/max display level for 14-16 levels. Previously, 14-16 levels had the same set of annotation labels.


Vector layer definition Map version Region Change description
1.0.11 in308jp123 All More roads are now included at zoom level 6.
1.0.11 in308jp123 All Fixed indeterministic selection of shield_text attribute value if multiple variants are present, which caused different road shield texts on different zoom levels.
1.0.11 in308jp123 All Removed tile overlap for ferry lines in roads layer to improve dotted-line styling.
1.0.11 in308jp123 All Fixed network attribute in roads layer for Asian Highway routes with cyrillic script.
1.0.11 in308jp123 All Fixed filtering and capital attribute assignment for cities Ho Chi Minh and Mexico City.
1.0.11 in308jp123 All Fixed missing kind_detail attribute for point features in landuse layer with kind:low_emission_zone.
1.0.11 in308jp123 All Aggregated golf_course kind into park kind in landuse layer at zoom levels 3-11.
1.0.11 in308jp123 All Changed filtering of country capitals and country labels in places layer for small countries and cities to have less priority.
1.0.11 in308jp123 All Fixed duplications in geometries for roads with multiple political views assignment.
1.0.11 in308jp123 Japan Changed filtering for city labels in places layer to start from 6 zoom level (was 7).
1.0.11 in308jp123 Japan Fixed compilation of is_present_in_city attribute for rail kind in roads layer that have duplicates with more detailed geometry.


Vector layer definition Map version Region Change description
1.0.10 in306jp113 Japan Fixed configuration for Transit Lines filtering in Japan, which caused subway lines to be rendered twice.


Vector layer definition Map version Region Change description
1.0.9 in306jp112 All Improved label placement for admin areas in layer places if center point for label is outside of area shape. For example, Northwest Territories region label in Canada.
1.0.9 in306jp112 Japan Add selection of primary name for pois layer if multiple primary language(Japanese) variant are present.
1.0.9 in306jp112 All Fixed inconsistent values for kind=path and kind_detail=footway on 12 storage level.
1.0.9 in306jp112 All Fixed filtering for landuse labels with kind=aerodrome on storage level 10. Airport features in pois layer have not changed.
1.0.9 in306jp112 Japan Fixed water simplification artifact which caused minor cracks rendered on water area.
1.0.9 in306jp112 Japan Fixed mapping of pds_category=550-5510-0206 (Other Recreational Facilities) to a new kind=recreation (was sports_centre before).
1.0.9 in306jp112 Japan Adjusted filtering of small unnamed landuse polygons for storage level 13 which caused some of the polygons of the vegetation or river missing.


Vector layer definition Map version Region Change description
1.0.8 in304jp96 All Added attribute kind_detail for landuse layer. Possible values are congestion (for congestion zones) and environmental (for environmental zones)
1.0.8 in304jp96 All Added optional attribute display_class for water layer line and point geometries. Possible values are from 1 (highest importance) to 8 (lowest importance).
1.0.8 in304jp96 All Added Johannesburg, Melbourne, Sydney, Paris, London, Amsterdam and Prague to important cities list (attribute supercity) to adjust filtering. Removed San Jose (USA) in favor of neighboring city of San Francisco.
1.0.8 in304jp96 All Removed "0t" values from hgv_restriction_shield_text attribute in roads layer when weight is not set for axles restrictions.
1.0.8 in304jp96 All Fixed inconsistent filtering for water polygons that have large area which caused some lakes not to be rendered on certain zoom levels.
1.0.8 in304jp96 All Fixed some road labels with multiple variants for a language. Example: "Long Island Expressway" instead of "LIE" in New York.
1.0.8 in304jp96 All Fixed cracks of roads layer with kinds rail, path, piste on multiple tiles.


Vector layer definition Map version Region Change description
1.0.7 in298jp96 Spain Changed network property values for Spain provincial and city roads to include also region code. For example provincial roads in Andalusia autonomous community have network value changed from ES:province to ES:province:AN and ES:city to ES:city:AN. Full list of region code suffixes includes: AN, AR, AS, CB, CL, CM, CT, GA, IB, MC, NC, RI, VC.
1.0.7 in298jp96 All Added new optional property hgv_time_restrictions in roads layer for time-related truck restrictions


Vector layer definition Map version Region Change description
1.0.6 in275jp93 All Added new data with kind:aerialway, kind_detail:chair_lift and kind:piste, kind_detail:downhill in roads layer for Ski Run data.
1.0.6 in275jp93 Germany, US Added New York and Berlin to important cities list to adjust filtering.
1.0.6 in275jp93 All Fixed logic of under construction roads compilation to not check access restrictions in addition to construction status, to improve roads under construction coverage.
1.0.6 in275jp93 All Added language tag with value name:zh-Hant for Traditional Chinese scripted translations.
1.0.6 in275jp93 Japan Fixed white tiles instead of water-covered ones in areas covered by city-detailed data for Japan.
1.0.6 in275jp93 All Fixed filtering of annotations labels that are compiled to water layer on zoomed-out levels.
1.0.6 in275jp93 Japan Workaround to improve freshness of transit station labels. Please note: this also slightly reduces coverage of Boolean flags for Multimodal stations in Japan, as well as relation from station to entrances via root_id attribute."


Vector layer definition Map version Region Change description
1.0.5 in269jp87 All English transliteration is compiled as name:en if English translation is not available. For example street names in Thailand


Vector layer definition Map version Region Change description
1.0.4 in267jp87 All Fixed shield_text field compilation for shields in Canada with suffixes “ETR”, “Express” and “Collectors” (shield text previously included full ref value “HWY-407 ETR” instead of “407”)
1.0.4 in267jp87 All Fixed the street names prefix issue for New York (prefixes like “W” or “E” in New York were missing)
1.0.4 in267jp87 All Fixed the issue of showing too many truck restrictions on zoomed-out levels. Now these restrictions will be filtered and will appear gradually when zooming-in
1.0.4 in267jp87 Japan Fixed the issue of traffic lights disappearing on zoomed-in levels (Traffic lights use to disappear at zoom level 17 and higher but now this issue has been fixed )


Vector layer definition Map version Vector Tile API version Region Change description
1.0.3 in266jp86 2.1.3 All A feature added to remove tile layers via query parameters. More info here


Vector layer definition Map version Region Change description
1.0.3 in266jp86 All Updated network for Mashreq roads in Saudi Arabia. New network attribute values *:mashreq added for Arab Mashreq International Road Network in roads layer
1.0.3 in266jp86 All Improved the logic of populating the default value of shield_text from all_shield_texts based on the new design guidelines in the roads layer for multiple countries
1.0.3 in266jp86 All Fixed country_capital attribute for few cities like Reykjavik, Ha Noi, Tegucigalpa in places layer . Hence the kind_detail value for them will now be city
1.0.3 in266jp86 All Park areas shows up too early in the map. Hence minimum visibility of parks has been adjusted in landuse layer . Now the larger parks will appear at zoom level 10 and the smaller ones will gradually show up according to their size zoomed in such that all parks will be displayed at zoom level 13
1.0.3 in266jp86 All Added boolean flag supercity for important cities in places layer, that are recommended to be always displayed on all zoom levels


Vector layer definition Map version Region Change description
1.0.2 in256jp86 Japan Changed sort_rank in boundaries layer for kind:block to 450, for kind:aza to 451, for kind:oaza to 452 and for kind:locality to 453 to fix display order


Vector layer definition Map version Region Change description
1.0.1 in256jp85 Japan Aligned filtering of transit lines in transit layer to be in sync with railway data in roads layer
1.0.1 in256jp85 Japan Disabled traffic lights labels merging logic for most detailed zoom levels, to fix label placement issues
1.0.1 in256jp85 Japan Changed sort_rank in landuse layer for kind:paved_areato 189 and for kind:attraction to 40 to fix display order
1.0.1 in256jp85 Japan Changed sort_rank in landuse layer for kind:accomodation_facility to 41 and for kind:outdoor_facility to 45 to be below other covered features (kind:water in water layer, kind:pedestrian and kind:other_road in landuse layer)
1.0.1 in256jp85 Japan Changed sort_rank in landuse layer for kind:wetland to 42 to be below kind:water in water layer

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