Venue Maps API Developer's Guide

Venue Maps API Request

A typical request to the Venue Maps API includes the basic elements shown in the following table and, in addition, it may contain resource-specific parameters.

Table 1. Basic elements of request to Venue Maps API
Element Value/Example Description
Base URL http://static-{1-4} Production environment

0 or 1

Feature access parameter







GET only, specify request details via query parameters

Level L{n} n is the number value of the floor level specified for the requested venue.

Only needed for:

Application Code &app_code={YOUR_APP_CODE} Substitute your own unique app_code
Application ID &app_id={YOUR_APP_ID} Substitute your own unique app_id
Signature Signature=<Signature-value> Substitute your unique Signature
Key-Pair-Id Key-Pair-Id=<Key-Pair-Id-value> Substitute your unique Key-Pair-Id
Policy Policy=<Policy-value> Substitute your unique Policy

For further information, see Examples.

The Venue Maps CDN Service

The Venue Maps API accesses a CDN service that is configured with load balanced server pools. Use a suffix between 1 and 4 to access the Venue Maps API which allows download in parallel. In order to get the optimal cache hit rates, use URL prefixes 1, 2, 3 and 4 for the rows and columns of the tiles distribution as follows:
  • 1: even row and column numbers
  • 2: even row numbers and odd column numbers
  • 3: odd row numbers and even column numbers
  • 4: odd row and column numbers

Generic Requests

Generic request to a Venue Maps API tile looks as follows
<Base URL>/<Access>/<Resource>/<Level>/<quadkey>.<filename extension>?<Application Id>&<Application Code>&<Policy>&<Signature>&<Key-Pair-Id>
Generic request to a Venue Maps API model looks as follows
<Base URL>/<Access>/<Resource>/<Venue Identifier>.<filename extension>?<Application Id>&<Application Code>&<Policy>&<Signature>&<Key-Pair-Id>


Tile Example:


For More Tile Examples, see Examples.

Model Example:


    "phoneNumber":"+49 (30) 2693400",
    "names":{"GER":"Alexa Shopping Center"},
      "streetName":"Gruner strasse",
      "streetName":"Gruner strasse",
    "destination1":"Lv15004Ds_2486057"}, ... 
           == Content Truncated == 

For more Model Examples, see Examples.