Venue Maps API Developer's Guide

Image Tiles

Image Tiles are in PNG Format with transparent background. These tiles are designed to be used as an overlay to map tiles. They are uniquely identified by Quadkeys which are based on the normalized Mercator projection. For instructions on how to identify tiles of a certain venue and how to calculate their corresponding Quadkeys, see How to Identify Tile(s) for a Venue?.


Table 1. Basic elements of the request
Element Value/Example Description
Base URL http://static-{1-4} Production environment


Feature access parameter 0 - provides access to standard feature in resource; hence: tiles-png
Resource tiles-png

GET only, specify request details via query parameters

Level L{n} n is the number value of the floor level which is requested for the venue.
Application Code app_code={YOUR_APP_CODE} Substitute your own unique Application Code
Application Id app_id={YOUR_APP_ID} Substitute your own unique Application Id
Signature Signature=<Signature-value> Substitute your unique Signature
Key-Pair-Id Key-Pair-Id=<Key-Pair-Id-value> Substitute your unique Key-Pair-Id
Policy Policy=<Policy-value> Substitute your unique Policy




Figure 1. Part of the ground floor of Union Station in Chicago, USA