Venue Maps API Developer's Guide


LocalizedText with address object as a value


Attribute Type Description
Country String Name of the state
Countrycode String 3-letter country code as specified in ISO 3166-1 alpha-3
state String Includes the first subdivision level below the country. Where commonly used, this is a state code such as CA for California
County String

Second subdivision level below the country For example:

  • USA: County
  • Germany: Kreis
city String Densely populated municipality
District String

Subdivision level below the city

  • USA: District
  • Germany: Orsteil
houseNumber Integer The house number
Postalcode String Postal code as defined by the government of the country.
Streetname String The street name can include suite, apartment and floor information


"ENG": {
  "postalCode": "60661",
  "countryCode": "USA",
  "houseNumber": "210",
  "streetName": "S Canal St",
  "district": "IL",
  "city": "Chicago"