Venue Maps API Developer's Guide


Information about how this spatial area is being used - the POI database entry for what is in the area (the occupant). Several different formats are available: quick look, offline search, and places details.


Attribute Type Description
names Object See LocalizedText
Category Category Present only when parent is Space
mediaRefs Array Array of MediaRef objects
Spaces Array Array of Space objects
phoneNumber String Phone number of the parent
Website String Website of the parent
Searchtags SearchTags Present only when parent is Space ; Keywords describing the tenant of the space
type Integer Present only when parent is Space ; Default value 0 means "usual" space, the value 1 means facility
Polygon Polygon Area occupied by parent
Adresses Array Array of Address objects
placeId String The value is empty string; Reserved for future use


  "category": {
    "id": "public-transport",
    "nt": "9707"
  "names": {
    "ENG": "Union Station Chicago"
  "addresses": {
    "ENG": {
      "postalCode": "60661",
      "countryCode": "USA",
      "houseNumber": "225",
      "streetName": "S Canal St",
      "district": "IL",
      "city": "Chicago"
  "placeId": "",
  "type": 1