Venue Maps API Developer's Guide


Resource associated with a point in the world, usually a bitmap image to display on a map. The order of iconArray is ignored, although sorting from low to high zoom levels is more readable to humans. On zoom levels not specified, the next lowest ZoomLevelURL will be used.


Attribute Type Description
Center Point If absent, centered on its parent object
iconArray Array Array of ZoomLevelURL objects
DefaulticonUrl String URL to an icon representing its parent object


  "center": {
    "lon": -118.7427345,
    "lat": 34.2708627
  "defaultIconUrl": "tourist-information-18.png",
  "iconArray": [
      "zoomLevel": 18,
      "url": "tourist-information-14.png"
      "zoomLevel": 19,
      "url": "tourist-information-16.png"
      "zoomLevel": 20,
      "url": "tourist-information-18.png"