Venue Maps API Developer's Guide

Floor IATileMember

Defines the outline geometry of all the Space IATileMembers that lay within. Similar to OuterArea in Venue Model.


Attribute Type Description
type String IATileMember type identifier, the value is floor/polygon
id String Unique outer area identifier
Buildingid String Unique venue identifier of parent venue
Preview String Display name of the outer area
Buildingpreview String Display name of the parent venue
BuildingminLevel Integer Lowest valid floor level
BuildingmaxLevel Integer Highest valid floor level
Center Point Where to pan the map to display the venue
minZoomLevel Integer Zoom level of the map to display the venue
placeId String The value is empty string; Reserved for future use


  "id": "Lv15001Ds_1206580_d",
  "center": [
    52.5187276, 13.4157112
  "preview": "Level 0",
  "minZoomLevel": 17,
  "placeId": "",
  "buildingPreview": "Alexa",
  "buildingMaxLevel": 3,
  "buildingMinLevel": -1,
  "type": "floor/polygon",
  "buildingId": "DM_7171"