Venue Maps API Developer's Guide

Use Cases

This section provides use cases of how to use Venue Maps API.

Main Steps

In order to display venues for a certain geographical area or for the whole world, there are some steps for almost any use case:

  • Obtain Credentials to use Venue Maps API
  • Request Signature to be able to send valid requests to Venue Maps API resources
  • Discover the venues available in a certain area of the world, or for the whole world. For more information on this point, see usecases.html#discover-venues.
  • Decide whether you are going to use Venues Tiles or Venues Models. For more information on this point, see usecases.html#tiles-or-models.
  • Calculate the Quadkeys of the venue(s) you are going to display
  • If you are using Tiles, Download (Image (PNG) Tiles and Interaction tiles) or (Interaction Tiles with base 64 encoded images) for each of the quadkeys of the venue.
  • If you are using Models, Draw the Model provided the geometry information

The use cases in this section give a complete step-by-step guide based on the above steps.

How to Discover Venues Offered by Venue Maps API?

Venue Maps API offers two ways to discover venues available.

  • Discovery Service: Venue Maps API provides a customized service that returns the list of venues available in a given geographical area.
  • Venue Index: A full list of the venues available that makes it possible to do venues search locally and enhance your client performance.

Either of the above ways could be used with any of the resources (Tiles, Models) provided by Venue Maps API, the discovery of the venues is independent from venues retrieval.

When to Use Tiles? When to Use Models?

Venue Maps API provides two ways of downloading and displaying Venues; Models and Tiles.

Tiles are recommended to be used when a rendering engine for venues is not available, as Tiles provide a complete graphical interactive experience without any underlying requirements. Also, when working on an Online Solution.

Models are recommended to be used when looking for a customized User-Experience and Look-and-Feel as Models offer full information of the venue and enable the user to do complete rendering and display for venues. Also, When working on an Offline Solution, as it provides complete information about the venue in a light weight JSON format file. Moreover, Full Models offer complete Routing Information which are not provided by any other resource.