Venue Maps API Developer's Guide


Venue Maps API documentation

This document introduces the Venue Maps API and:

  • explains key concepts
  • provides examples
  • documents resources and query parameters
  • documents response structures and data types

What is the Venue Maps API ?

HERE Venue Maps API returns detailed up-to-date information on geometry, metadata, Points of Interest (POI) and indoor routing for more than 14 400 venues around the world. Supported return types are Images(PNG) or JSON.

Venue Maps API also returns routes between locations within venues and between locations outside venues. The routing service takes venue-specific attributes into consideration, including elevators, escalators and different levels.

Where to see a live example of Venue Maps API?

HERE WeGo for Android partially integrates Venue Maps. You can download the app from here. Try searching for Alexa Shopping Mall in Berlin to explore a venue.

Why use the Venue Maps API?