Venue Maps API Developer's Guide

Discovery Service request

The Discovery Service enables discovery of venues. This is usually the second API to call in the venues data consuption process. Bounding box can be used as a request parameter to only return venues falling inside specified bounding box. The maximum diameter (diagonal length) of provided bounding box is 100 000 meters. If no bounding box is given, all venues matching additional filtering parameters are returned.

By default, discovery service returns both public and private content. Filtering parameter ns can be used to provide a list of namespaces to which discovered items should be matched against. Special namespace keywords public and private can be used to refer all public and all private items respectively. Keyword public expands to full list of private namespaces matching authorizations provided in request.

As an alternative, if you just want a list of all venues in a specific name space, you can request an index file with all venues.

For more informaton on private venues, please visit the Venue Maps page here

Note: The CIT environment is limited to venues in Chicago (US), Boston (US), Berlin (DE) and San Francisco (US).


Example Request:

Example Response:

  "hostname": "ip-xx",
  "type": "venues",
  "status": {
    "code": "OK",
  "paging": {
    "after": "1"
  "results": {
    "items": [...venue items...]

For details on request and response parameters, please go here