Venue Maps API Developer's Guide

Interaction Tiles with base64 encoded image

A Venue Interaction Tile with base64 encoded image is a set of metadata in JSON format that is associated with a map tile image, the the tile image is embedded in the file. It specifies an array of areas and data associated with each area.


Table 1. Basic elements of the request.
Element Value/Example Description
Base URL



Production environment

Customer Integration Testing environment



Feature access parameter 0 - provides access to standard feature in resource; hence: tiles-ia-b64


GET only, specify request details via query parameters

Level L{n} n is the number value of the floor level which is requested for the venue.
Application Code app_code={YOUR_APP_CODE} Substitute your own unique Application Code
Application Id app_id={YOUR_APP_ID} Substitute your own unique Application Id
Signature Signature=<Signature-value> Substitute your unique Signature
Key-Pair-Id Key-Pair-Id=<Key-Pair-Id-value> Substitute your unique Key-Pair-Id
Policy Policy=<Policy-value> Substitute your unique Policy


Sample Request:

Sample Response:

JSON.venues("0_17_33627_48715", {
  "mambers": [
      "area": [
        182, 69, 182, 85, ...
      "object": {
        "id": "Lv25710Ds_1914895",
        "preview": "Platform 21",
        "placeId": "",
        "type": "space/polygon"
      "area": [
        74, 145, ...
      "object": {
        "id": "Lv25710Ds_1914919",
        "preview": "Shoe Shine Service",
        "placeId": "",
        "type": "space/polygon"
      "area": [
        109, 191, 128, 190, 128, 205, 130, 205, 130, 190, 134, ...
      "object": {
        "id": "Lv25710Ds_1908939_d",
        "center": [
        "preview": "Concourse Level",
        "minZoomLevel": 17,
        "placeId": "",
        "buildingPreview": "Union Station Chicago",
        "buildingMaxLevel": 1,
        "buildingMinLevel": 0,
        "type": "floor/polygon",
        "buildingId": "DM_12321"

Response Attributes

Attribute Type Description
image String tile image encoded in base64
members Array an array of IATileMember objects

Members Array Attributes

Attribute Type Description
area Array Coordinates of polygon represented by IATileMember. Coordinates given in pixels relative to top left (North West) corner of the tile in a format [x0, y0, ..., xN, yN]. The polygon is assumed to be closed, so the last point xN, yN need not be the same as the first x0, y0.
object { Space | Floor } IATileMember IATileMember metadata

Output File Types

The resource tiles-ia-b64 is offered in

Resource Compression type File suffix
image and metadata of a map tile in JSON Format wrapped in JavaScript function call JSON.venues uncompressed .js
image and metadata of a map tile in JSON Format wrapped in JavaScript function call JSON.venues zip compression
image and metadata of a map tile in JSON Format wrapped in JavaScript function call JSON.venues gzip compression .js.gz

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