Venue Maps API Developer's Guide

Requesting a Venue Route

Table 1. Routing Response Attributes
Attribute Type Description
actionType String Describes the action type within a maneuver

Array Contains 2 coordinates defining the bottom right corner of a bounding box

Array Defines the bounding box based on 2 coordinates
connectorType String Describes the connector type
distance Float Describes a disctance in meters

Array Describes the end point (destination) of the returned route
id String Describes the if of maneuver (typically M1,M2,M3 etc)
indoorMode Array Describes the parameters used to calculate the indoor part of the route
instruction String A maneuver instruction in the form of a string, attached to the outdoor part of the returned route
interfaceVersion String Version information
label String A string describing the start and end points of a route, typically a steet or shop name

Array A structure descibing a part of a route
length Float The lenght of a leg or a maneuver
level Integer The level of a leg, route or position. Ground level is always 0

Array A structure descibing a maneuver on the route

Array A structure describing the entire route from start to end point

Array A structure describing the starting point of the route
strategy String The selected routing strategy (selected by the routing service)

Array A summary of the route distance and travel time

Array Contains 2 coordinates defining the top left corner of a bounding box
transportModes String Describes the transport modes used in the indoor and outdoor part of the route. For indoor currently only pedestrian routing is supported
travelTime Float The travel time

Array Describes a waypoint on the route