Venue Maps API Developer's Guide

Venue Model Structure

Detailed Structure of Venue Model.


Attribute Type Description Availability
gml:id String Unique venue identifier models-poi , models-full
content Content Reference to information about how this spatial area is being used models-poi , models-full
ownerID String Unique identifier of the venue's creator models-poi , models-full
address String Address in comma separated string models-poi , models-full
levels Array Array of OuterArea objects models-poi , models-full
connectors Array Array of Connector objects models-full only.
accessors Array Array of Accessor objects models-full only.
groundLevel Integer Index in array of levels; value under this index identifies outer areas forming the ground floor. models-poi , models-full
bb Array Bounding box which the geographical box which encompasses a certain area/venue. bb is an array of two arrays. Each child array is an array of two integers: Lat, Lon. models-full only.
centroid Array The Center point of a venue. centroid is an array of two integers: Lat, Lon. models-full only.


  "content": {
    "category": {
      "id": "public-transport",
      "nt": "9707"
    "names": {
      "ENG": "Union Station Chicago"
    "addresses": {
      "ENG": {
        "postalCode": "60661",
        "countryCode": "USA",
        "houseNumber": "225",
        "streetName": "S Canal St",
        "district": "IL",
        "city": "Chicago"
    "type": 1
  "ownerID": "DM_Q4",
  "address": ",USA,,,Chicago,IL,S Canal St,225,,60661,Union Station Chicago,,,",
  "levels": [
      "outerAreas": [
      "outerAreas": [
  "connectors": [],
  "accessors": []
  "groundLevel": 0,
  "gml:id": "DM_12321",

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