Venue Maps API Developer's Guide

Louvre Museum Paris using Tiles

A Common use case for Venue Maps API Tiles is viewing venues available in the view port on a certain device. This is a use case of how to use Venue Maps API Tiles to display Louvre Museum in Paris, France. Using Venue Maps API Tiles in combination HERE JavaScript Developer API makes displaying the tiles fully automated, interactive and easy.

Set the View port

In order to be able to display a basic default map, First we need to go over the Quick Start page of HERE JavaScript Developer API

In the Quick Start Example of HERE JavaScript Developer API we would set the center of the view port to lng:2.3408899 ,lat:48.8597984 for the centre of Louvre Museum, Paris, France based on the HERE Geocoder API search result for Louvre Museum, Paris, France.

Request to Geocoder API for Center of Bounding Box of Louvre Museum, Paris, France

Based on the response, Under the NavigationPosition Element, The Center Navigation Position for Louvre Museum, Paris, France is as follows:


Displaying Venue Maps Tiles Layer

Venue Maps API Tiles can be used as a TileLayer on top of the default map using HERE JavaScript Developer API

Using the HERE JavaScript Developer API requesting Venue Maps API Image Tiles in combination with Interaction Tiles shall provide a fully interactive experience of Venue Maps. Alternatively Requesting Interaction Tiles with Base64 Images shall provide the same experience.