Destination Weather API Developer's Guide

Constructing a Request

A request to the HERE Destination Weather API includes the basic elements shown in the following table and resource-specific parameters.

Note: The code examples use the placeholder text {YOUR_APP_CODE} and {YOUR_APP_ID} to indicate places where you should substitute your own unique app_id and app_code values. For more information about these authentication credentials, see Acquiring Credentials.
Table 1. Basic request elements
Element Value/Example Description
Base URL Production environment only
Path /weather/1.0/  
Resource report Uses HTTP GET
Format specifier .xml


We recommend that you specify whether you expect XML or JSON output.

The default output format is XML.




For more information on query parameters in general, see the sub-sections under Resources.

Application Id

Substitute your own unique app_id

Application Code

Substitute your own unique app_code

The following example query uses the HTTP GET method to retrieve a weather report for Berlin, Germany.