Convert to coordinates

This function converts a 3 word address to a latitude and longitude. It also returns country, the bounds of the grid square, a nearest place (such as a local town) and a link to our map site.

curl --request GET --url '[YOUR-API-KEY]&format=json'

Resource URL



Parameter Required/optional Description Example
key required A valid API key; if not supplied as a parameter, a key must be supplied as a request header key=[API-KEY]
words required A 3 word address as a string. It must be three words separated with dots or a japanese middle dot character (・). Words separated by spaces will be rejected. Optionally, the 3 word address can be prefixed with /// (which would be encoded as %2F%2F%2F) words=index.home.raft or words=///browser.knitted.elaborate
format optional Return data format type; can be either json (the default) or geojson format=geojson

Example request


Example result


  "country": "NL",
  "square": {
      "southwest": {
          "lng": 5.480486,
          "lat": 51.443995
      "northeast": {
          "lng": 5.48053,
          "lat": 51.444022
  "nearestPlace": "Eindhoven, North Brabant",
  "coordinates": {
      "lng": 5.480508,
      "lat": 51.444009
  "words": "browser.knitted.elaborate",
  "language": "en",
  "map": ""

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