Geocoder & Batch Geocoder

Find an address or resolve a geo-location into an address

Enterprises make critical business decisions based on the geo-location of customers, assets, or events. In market analysis, risk assessment, targeting, portfolio management, and network investments geocoding is used to assign business data with their respective geo-location to make smarter decisions. Consumer experiences tie in location to provide easier access to information and provide context to consumer interactions. Geographic coordinates provided as a result of geocoding can be used to display the address location on a map, for additional steps e.g. as an input to start a route or navigation calculation, or to retrieve more geo-referenced data for that location like boundaries, admin or postal areas etc.

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Available Features and Functionality

Geocoder Geocoding Geocoder API, Enterprise JavaScript API
Reverse Geocoding Geocoder API, Enterprise JavaScript API
Batch Geocoding Batch Geocoder API