HERE Android SDK Developer's Guide

Offline Search

When internet connectivity is unavailable, the HERE Places supports offline search by providing results using available cached map data. The search results in this offline mode may be limited.

The main differences compared to online search results are:

  • Fewer POIs (Point of Interests) are available
  • No detailed POI's information is available (for example: ratings, reviews, editorials, images, and so on)

Force Online or Offline

You can launch online or offline searches without changing the device or HERE SDK connectivity by using the setConnectivity(Connectivity) method on a Request instance. This property is applicable to all Request subclasses, except TextAutoSuggestionRequest, which can only be used online.

Connectivity has three possible values:
  • DEFAULT - Uses the connectivity as determined through the SDK
  • OFFLINE - Uses cached data on the device
  • ONLINE - Attempts to perform online requests, but does not fallback to use cached data even if no connection is available

To ensure that the connectivity mode is applied, setConnectivity(Connectivity) before executing a Request.

  • If a Connectivity.ONLINE search request fails due to connection issues, HERE SDK returns the ErrorCode.UNKNOWN error code.
  • If a Connectivity.ONLINE Geocoding or Reverse Geocoding request fails due to connection issues, HERE SDK returns the ErrorCode.NETWORK_COMMUNICATION error code.
  • If a Connectivity.OFFLINE search request fails due to not enough cached data, HERE SDK returns with zero results.
  • If you attempt to execute a TextAutoSuggestionRequest with the Connectivity.OFFLINE connectivity mode, HERE SDK returns the ErrorCode.SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE error code, since auto suggestions are only supported online.

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