Mobile SDKs

Create amazing and differentiated experiences for mobile environments.

Introduction to HERE Mobile SDKs

Create amazing and differentiated experiences for mobile environments

The HERE Mobile SDKs provide a set of programming interfaces that enable developers to build immersive native applications while leveraging a powerful and flexible mapping platform. They come in two editions, the Starter and the Premium Edition, each bringing sets of features and functions dedicated for specific application developments.

The Premium Edition provides a powerful and sophisticated client-side engine for rendering map data and calculated routes, and delivers vector-based map data. In contrast, the Starter Edition allows display of map data using raster tiles and is a wrapper that supports an easy integration of HERE RESTful web services on mobile devices for native development.

Depending on the application type and use case, the HERE Mobile SDKs come with various features and functionalities meant to help you build an enhanced and personalized experience to your end-users. For those applications meant to support core business processes such as field management, telematics and field force optimization, our Mobile SDK Premium Edition provides a unique set of enterprise features (e.g. truck routing, fleet map, historical traffic patterns, congestion zone map) tailored for specific business environments. When a personalized consumer-like location experience is desired, our Mobile SDK Starter Edition offers a multitude of functionalities (e.g. pedestrian routing, 2D maps) which enable an easy transformation of daily routine tasks into everyday adventures. For more information on the various use cases that our Mobile SDKs support please visit the Solutions Page page

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Premium Edition

Features such as routing your truck to a destination while taking into account real-time and historical traffic information, searching a custom owned places database to identify where your corporate offices are and interacting directly with places and objects around in an Augmented Reality view are just some of the many available for integration into mobile applications . While leveraging a sophisticated engine for rendering map data and route calculation, the HERE Mobile SDK Premium Edition also supports offline mapping through the use of previously cached map data or previously downloaded map packages.

Feature List

The main features and components comprising the HERE Mobile SDKs Premium Edition are:

  • Dynamic download of vector maps for > 190 countries, > 60 languages
  • Maps preload for offline usage
  • Map styles (e.g. day, night, satellite, transit)
  • Maps for geopolitical views (i.e. disputed borders)
  • Textured 3D landmarks & buildings
  • Street level imagery
  • Touch screen gestures (e.g. pan, flick, pinch zoom)
  • Map overlay of object (e.g. polylines, polygons, icons, routes)
  • Map overlay of 3D map objects
  • Map overlay of custom raster tiles (e.g. heat maps)
  • Rendering of raster tiles and map objects enclosed within different map layers
  • 3D Venue maps (indoor)
  • Object interaction for traffic and transit
  • Online and offline geocoding/reverse geocoding lookup
  • Vehicle routing taking into account real-time and historical traffic
  • Pedestrian and public transit routing using walkways and timetables
  • Routing options:
    • type (fastest/shortest)
    • avoidances (e.g. toll roads, motorways, parks, links, areas)
    • Stop-overs and via-points along route
  • Offline route calculation
  • Indoor routing
  • Real-time traffic flow color-coded (green, yellow, red and black)
  • Traffic incidents w/ detailed event information
  • Online search by address, name or category for places and point addresses
  • Discovery of places by category or distance
  • Access rich details form 3rd party content sources (images, ratings, reviews, editorials etc.)
  • Offline places search
LiveSight (Augmented Reality)
  • Seamless transitions from Map to LiveSight and back again
  • Support for markers and polylines
  • Gesture support for user interaction with content (custom gestures can also be defined)
  • Content transitions and interaction animated using hardware acceleration
  • "Radar" UI support for more context regarding user’s position relative to content
  • Highly configurable LiveSight engine for a more customized user experience
  • Online and offline turn-by-turn navigation
  • Natural-sounding guidance instructions (e.g. "turn left at the gas station")
  • Voice guidance in over 60 languages
  • Spoken street names in 20 languages
  • Approximate user coordinates to the nearest road or navigation route
  • Approximate user tunnel position, even when there is no GPS signal
  • Dynamic information (e.g. signposts, street lane, speed)
  • Traffic notifications with alternative route proposal
  • Station search
  • Nearby station
  • Coverage information
  • Next nearby departures
  • All next departures
  • Transit Routing w/ pedestrian connectivity and pedestrian routing

Additional Enterprise Features

  • Online / offline fleet map scheme
  • Online / offline display of Truck attributes
  • Online / offline display of congestion and environmental zones
  • Online display of historical traffic information
  • Voice turn-by-turn guidance for trucks in over 60 languages
  • Online truck routing with real-time or historical traffic data
  • Online display of custom-owned POI content in AR view through Custom Location Extension
Integrated Platform Extensions
  • Custom Location Extension - storage, management and retrieval of custom POIs and polygons for easy map visualization.
  • Fleet Connectivity Extension - two-way communication link between backend systems and navigation apps using HERE Mobile SDK, to automatically send destinations to mobile devices and retrieve ETA updates.

Starter Edition

The Starter Edition is intended for those applications that require core location capabilities with the smallest footprint possible. Some of its most notable features such as routing by car or by foot to get to a destination, searching a global places database to find the nearest location around you and interacting with the map, are being used in applications daily to provide the right level of context in regards to a user’s location.

Feature List

  • 2D raster map tiles
  • Custom raster tiles
  • Alternative schemes – day, night
  • Satellite imagery
  • Map overlay of object (e.g. polylines, polygons, icons, routes)
  • Touch screen gestures (e.g. pan, flick, pinch zoom)
  • Online geocoding
  • Online reverse geocoding
  • Online car routing
  • Online pedestrian routing, using pedestrian specific walkways
  • Routing options
    • type (fastest/shortest)
    • avoidances (e.g. toll roads, motorways, parks)
  • Online search by address, name or category for places and point addresses
  • Discovery of places by category or distance
  • Access additional rich details for a Place (images, ratings, reviews, editorials etc.) from 3rd party content sources

Platform Availability

HERE Mobile SDKs, Premium and Starter Edition are available for Android and iOS platforms, for Business and Mobile OEM customers. For more information or to receive access to the HERE Mobile SDKs please contact us.