New Plans and quick access to HERE Platform APIs

18 November 2014

In our continuous efforts to provide a better experience with our services, we're excited to announce that we've made important changes to how developers can access our APIs. We believe these changes will allow developers to achieve a significantly shorter service delivery cycle, therefore a shorter time-to-market, while improving productivity and efficiency. Today, we're launching a flexible, self-service interface, which makes it easy for developers to find and order the services they need, and get instant access to them. At the same time it offers a new set of subscription plans, which allows for selection of more suitable service packages tailored to specific application needs.

As of today, you can subscribe to a variety of paid plans to access HERE Platform APIs. Our plans are split into two groups - now you can choose between Consumer Mapping or Enterprise Mapping plans, depending on who you're developing for. Four different pricing models are also available: Starter, Standard, Advanced and Professional, with transaction volumes and feature enablement varying between each option. In case you reach your usage thresholds within a particular plan, you can easily scale up with a flat-rate per transaction. Alternatively, you have the option to upgrade your plan at any time.

In addition, for those developers working on apps requiring heavy use of geocoder services (including batch processing) we're pleased to provide them with four different Geocoder plans. Nevertheless, we will continue to offer a free plan for those developers focusing on consumer-facing apps, with a usage of up to 100,000 transactions per month.

But if you haven't fully experienced the HERE Platform yet and would like to try out our APIs, come and check them out for yourself! You can now register for a free 90-day evaluation key which will give you full access and allows you to experiment with HERE APIs at no cost. As soon as you're ready, you can instantly switch to a paid subscription right through your user dashboard.

Visit our new Plans page for full details of our plans. For questions, please see our FAQ, or contact us.

In case you can't find a plan that meets your requirements, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you or introduce you to one of our resellers around the world.