The new HERE Mobile SDK 2.1 brings new set of enterprise features

22 December 2014

A new and enhanced version of our HERE Mobile SDK 2.1. has just been released and is now available for customers to use in their native applications for iOS and Android.

The new release brings to mobile devices enterprise features and functionalities like truck routing, real-time and historical traffic routing, truck attributes and congestion zone layer. And to further enhance the capabilities available with the new SDK, it allows for integration of custom POIs through the Custom Location Extension.

Some of the key enterprise features released include:

  • Support for Custom Location Extension
  • MAM Advanced Features comprising of:
    • Features in Maps Component: Fleet Map, Display of Truck Attributes, Congestion Zones, and Historical Traffic
    • Features in Directions Component: Truck Routing, Traffic Routing (Real-Time & Historical)

We encourage all developers to start using our new SDK to provide a richer and more complex experience to their users. For a complete list of features available on iOS or Android, check the developer documentation to see what's available right now. Please note that, for now, our SDKs for Android and iOS do not have a complete feature parity between platforms.

If you're already using an older version of the HERE Mobile SDKs, please contact us to assist you with the migration process. To get access to the evaluation SDKs or to receive more detailed information on our offering please contact us.

Note: The former Mobile SDK 1.2 will be maintained for a minimum of six months after which it will be sunset. Rest assured we will notify all our customers ahead of time before taking any action in this regards.