Announcing HERE Platform Extensions for enhanced developments

09 March 2015

The HERE Platform Extensions allow developers to augment the functionality of the HERE Platform services available through it's core main components (Maps, Places, Directions, Geocoder and Traffic). This means that developers can now use services that save them time and effort when developing for certain use cases like calculating the toll charges for a particular trip or identifying a vehicle's whereabouts by analyzing it's GPS traces. Yet, as indicated in the name, the HERE Platform Extensions can only be used in combination with the HERE Platform services so for those developers already developing using HERE APIs these services are just easy add-ons.

The following extensions are now available:

  • Platform Data Extension – get additional premium attributes or data layers (e.g. height, slope, speed limits, traffic lights)
  • Custom Location Extension - store, manage and retrieve any custom POIs and polygons
  • Toll Cost Extension – calculate toll costs for any route in various countries
  • Route Match Extension – get probable routes using GPS traces against HERE road network

We encourage all HERE developers to start using the HERE Platform Extensions to allow for a faster development and provide for a richer experience to their end-users. To get access to the HERE Platform Extensions for evaluation or commercial purposes please contact us.

For more information please check the product page as well as the developer documentation to see in more detail what's available right now.

Stay tuned for more!