Release notification: New Enhancements to HERE Platform services

15 April 2015

A series of enhancements and updates to the HERE Platform services are now available on our production environment.

These enhancements are related to the following services:

JavaScript API, Geocoder API, HERE Enterprise Routing, Matrix Routing, Traffic API, HLP Routing, Platform Data Extensions API (PDE), Map Image API (MIA), Map Tile API and Venue Maps. We also added the latest release note for the mobile SDKs for Business.

Summary of enhancements:

  • This release is mainly a maintenance release
  • The new version of the JSAPI now supports Heat Maps.
  • The Geocoder completed update of map release 2015 Q1 for some missing countries.
  • Increased TMC Traffic coverage for 10 countries
  • Added new layer Distance Markers in PDE

Below, you can find detailed information on these major improvements of the HERE Platform for Business services:


  • Heat Maps functionality included in the JS API. It provides an easy way to display color-coded data on the map.

IMPORTANT: Migration of JavaScript API

This Migration Guide explains how to migrate from previous JS API versions 2.5…. to the new version

Geocoder API 6.2.77

  • Improved map view focus: the map view focus is now less restrictive, so that the Geocoder takes more good candidates from outside the set map view into consideration.
  • Northern Cyprus: We updated the map content for Northern Cyprus in the Geocoder and Reverse Geocoder to support street search and to return Turkish names instead of Greek names for Turkish locales.
  • Map update: The map update to 2015 Q1 is now complete with the exception of India and Taiwan.

Enterprise Routing

  • Removed unnecessary U-turn instruction at the end of the road when transit radius was specified as last waypoint.
  • Routing failing for truck mode issue fixed.

HLP Routing 7.2.55

  • Added support for returning the matched start/destination position in the CalculateIsoline response.
  • Improved support to avoid road closures in route calculations without traffic so that it also works with alternates.

Traffic API

  • Increased traffic coverage (full-TMC) in 10 countries: USA, Canada, Brazil, Italy, Russia, Austria, Germany, UK, France, Australia.  
  • Performance improvements

NOTE: please ensure that you are using the Traffic API as documented in the development guide. Since next release we are going to enforce the upper/lower case validation.

Map Tile API

  • Extended the POIs parameter to accept a mask to filter out particular POI categories. This change is backwards compatible so the old behaviour (boolean flag) is still supported.
  • Added new /meta/pois endpoint that lists all the possible POI categories available in the map.
  • Adjusted the overground (regional train) icons visibility to make them visible from zoom level 14 onwards.
  • Adjusted the amount of displayed road signs to decrease the cluttering in higher zoom levels.

Platform Data Extension API (PDE) 1.4.0

  • Platform Data Extension API updates to 2014Q4.
  • Client applications using PDE API do not have to specify the continent for the requested tiles, as region is no longer a required parameter.
  • Added new layer Distance Markers for use cases like road assistance services. In case of the breakdown of a car, the driver can call a road assistance service and provide the nearest available mile marker at the roadside to the operator and ask for pickup.

Toll Cost Extension API (TCE) 1.2.0

  • The response now includes tollSystemsNames in the countries objects.

HERE Mobile SDK for Business IOS - Online and Hybrid+ 2.1.1

  • Integration of Customer Location Extension
  • Support LiveSight
  • LiveSight integrated with Custom Location Extension