HERE Mobile SDKs 3.0 now in 2 Editions for fast application development

31 May 2015

If developing applications with HERE Mobile SDKs was already easy, today we’re announcing the release of HERE Mobile SDK 3.0 that makes it easier than ever to get access to the set of functionalities you need the most.

HERE Mobile SDK 3.0 comes in two separate editions, the Starter and the Premium Edition, bringing diverse sets of features and functions dedicated for specific developments. While the Starter Edition is more dedicated to support general mapping needs, usually desired by consumer type applications, the Premium Edition gives access to those advanced features that businesses require to support their daily operations such as truck routing, online and offline turn-by-turn navigation, historical traffic, vector maps and offline capabilities.

Starter Edition

  • 2D raster map tiles
  • online mapping, search, routing
  • online vehicle & pedestrian routing
  • Satellite imagery

Premium Edition

  • vector-based map data
  • online/offline usage of mapping, search, routing
  • online/offline turn-by-turn navigation
  • 3D maps & venue maps
  • fleet map view & environmental zones
  • historical traffic information
  • vehicle, truck, pedestrian & public transit routing
  • Augmented Reality technology

We encourage you to compare these features for yourself and decide which edition is right for you. Once you’ve decided, you can easily test drive the SDKs by getting access to our evaluation packages. We’re confident that once you try our new HERE Mobile SDK 3.0, you’ll love it!