Release notification: New Enhancements to HERE Platform services

03 June 2015

A series of enhancements and updates to the HERE Platform services are now available on our production environment. These enhancements are related to the following services:

Route Match Extension (RME), Waypoints Sequence Extension (WSE), HERE SDK for Android and iOS, Weather API, HLP Routing, Map Tile API, Venue Maps, Geocoder API and the Traffic API.

Summary of enhancements:

  • NEW! Weather API
  • Mobile SDK version 3.0 with Venue Maps in 3D and the new Starter Edition
  • Route Match Extension (RME) version 2.0 now providing illegal maneuver warnings
  • Waypoints Sequence Extension (WSE) version 2.0 with support of time windows per waypoint

Below, you can find detailed information on these major improvements of the HERE Platform for Business services:

Route Match Extension (RME)

Version 2.0

  • Illegal maneuver warnings: warnings in the response now also include illegal maneuvers like forbidden access, forbidden turn, gate traversal, wrong direction through one-way, leaving no-through-traffic zone.
  • New multi-path algorithm handles different GPS deviation scenarios and provides superior match quality.
  • More route modes (vehicle types) supported: instead of car only, the following vehicle types are now supported: car, bus, taxi, carHOV, pedestrian, truck, delivery, emergency, motorcycle, roadtrain. The default is car. The matched routes follow legal paths for the given vehicle type.

Route Match Extension (RME)

Version 2.0

  • The WSE now considers time windows per waypoint.You can specify a time constraint for each waypoint as required. It can be either access hours time constraint or you can specify an appointment time constraint. i.e. Mondays 10-12 am and Tuesday June 5th, 8:45 am.
  • Day of week based time windows, where a duration must fit in. WSE allows you to specify a service time for each waypoint. This means a time duration for each waypoint in order to define the expected delay between arrival and departure at this waypoint.

HERE SDK for iOS and Android

Version 3.0

  • Premium Edition – Online and Hybrid+
    • Integration of 3D Venue Maps
    • Added native rendering for truck attributes, fleet maps, environmental zones
    • Enabled access to SDK packages based on license keys
    • Enhancements to LiveSight:
      • Pedestrian guidance
      • External sensor data support
      • 3D objects support
    • Clustering of custom objects
    • Improvements to audio session management and added the ability to integrate SDK voice navigation with TTS engines used in consumer applications
    • Retrieve POI information from a tapped carto POI
  • NEW! Starter Edition
    • All functionality available online only
    • Support mapping, search and routing
    • SDKs have a significant smaller file size

HERE Mobile SDKs for Business 3.0 available on developer portal to download for evaluation from week of June 8th.

Weather API

Version 1.2.1

  • Get current weather reports or weather forecasts for a specific location.
  • Check for severe weather alerts at a specific location.
  • Check when the sun and moon rise and set at a specific location.

HLP Routing

Version 7.2.57

  • Support for avoiding/excluding features in matrix routing

Map Tile API


  • Extended POI layer
  • Bugs fixed related to map info requests

Geocoder API

Version 6.2.83

  • Bug fixes for the following disputed areas: The Spratly Islands, the Paracel Islands and the Kashmir region.
  • Allow search for addresses by building and city name in Latvia. It is common in rural areas that streets do not have names.
  • Taiwan map update to 2015Q1
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes

Traffic API


  • Performance improvements
  • Update of Customer Specific Profiles

Venue Maps

Version 1.1.3

  • Venues 3D available on Android and iOS SDK (all venues)

HERE Platform for Business Team