More ways to localize your applications with the HERE Geocoder

14 July 2015

Localizing the user experience by making use of or showing information based on location could add great value to your application. HERE Geocoder offers the following meta information:

  • Time Zone, relative to UTC, e.g. for California, USA "UTC-08:00"
  • Currency Type, three letter ISO code according to ISO 4217, e.g. "EUR".
  • Driving Side, can be either "right" or "left".
  • System of Measure, can be either "metric" or "imperial"

To enable and obtain the get admin meta information within the output response, add one of the following parameter/attribute combinations to the request query string:

  • locationattributes=adminInfo
  • locationattributes=in (abbreviated version)
  • locationattributes=all

Below is a snippet from an example response for a location in Singapore so you get an idea of how the attributes are exposed.

AdminInfo: {
TimeZoneOffset: "UTC+08:00",
Currency: "SGD",
DrivingSide: "left",
SystemOfMeasure: "metric"

US Postal Code Types

To better support logistics and business analytics use cases for locations within the US, Geocoder results can provide supplementary information that describes the type of the US 5-Digit ZIP code according to the following 4 USPS categories:

  • "P" = PO Box - used only for PO Boxes at a given postal facility, not for any other type of delivery
  • "U" = Unique - used for governmental agencies, universities, businesses, or buildings that receive such extremely high volumes of mail that they need their own ZIP codes.
  • "M" = Military - used to route mail for the U.S. military
  • "N" = Non-Unique – all other Zip codes that are assigned to multiple addresses

Please see an example from a response below:

postalCode: "81009",
additionalData: [
value: "United States",
key: "CountryName"
value: "Colorado",
key: "StateName"
value: "Pueblo",
key: "CountyName"
value: "U",
key: "PostalCodeType"

The PostalCodeType key/value is included in the additionalData response element by default. However, note that the additional postal code type information is only available when a postal code is included in the result, i.e. at a match level of postal code or higher.

Political Views

Unfortunately there are still many political disputes over country borderlines. Offering a global, localized geocoding product means that we don’t take sides but need to offer a solution for many viewpoints.

For this reason, HERE Geocoder provides a new feature that shows available territories through the point of view of particular countries. A new neutral international view is made available by default, where territories may have unresolved claims.

In the example below, for the Kashmiri city of "Srinagar", the Geocoder represents this neutrally for the International community. However, India and Pakistan have their own particular views available for this locality using the parameter "politicalview=" paired with the respective 3-Letter ISO country code.

  • International View of "Srinagar" (default):

    Request parameter/value used:

    In this example, a reverse geocode request for the above position will not return a response, which offers a neutral viewpoint.

  • Indian Political View of "Srinagar"

    Request parameter/value used:
    Label: "Ganderbal Road, Khaniyar, Srinagar 190003, India",
    Country: "IND",
    State: "JK",
    County: "Srinagar",
    City: "Srinagar",
    District: "Khaniyar",
    Street: "Ganderbal Road",
    PostalCode: "190003",
  • Pakistani Political View of "Srinagar"

    Request parameter/Value used:
    Label: "190003, Pakistan",
    Country: "PAK",
    PostalCode: "190003",

The following views are currently supported (with respective ISO country code):

  • ARG: Argentina
  • GRE: Greece
  • IND: India
  • ISR: Israel (view on East Jerusalem)
  • PAK: Pakistan
  • VNM: Vietnam

Please note that the Geocoder falls back to the default view for any political view that is unsupported. For example politicalview=USA or politicalview=FRA does not impact a response in any way.

We hope this inspired you to use HERE Geocoder for your geocoding needs. There are several ways to get started. Read more about the Geocoder highlights or dive right into Geocoder API documentation.

Free as well as paid plans for the Geocoder API are available, for details please visit the Plans page where you'll also find a way to get in touch via the contact form.