Release notification: New Enhancements to HERE Platform services

05 August 2015

A series of enhancements and updates to the HERE Platform services are now available on our production environment. These enhancements are related to the following services:

Maps API for JavaScript, HLP Routing, Map Tile API, Geocoder API, Batch Geocoder, Traffic API, Places API, Data Lens, HERE Android and IOS SDK – Premium Editions and a new self-hosting release.

Summary of enhancements

  • HLP Router completes feature parity with Enterprise Router
  • Geocoder improvements in Spain, now supporting Catalan language
  • Geocoder: search for addresses improved in India
  • Data Lens: Geocoding of customers’ own data via the Data Lens Editor UI and Code Export of visualizations created with the tool
  • New self-hosting release available

Below, you can find detailed information on these major improvements of the HERE Platform for Business services:

HLP Routing
Version 7.2.59

  • HLP router full compatible with Enterprise Router features
    • Added support for Permanent Virtual ID (PVID) as link id value.
    • Support for Historical Speed Patterns (HSP).
    • Isoline and Truck Routing moved out of BETA status.
  • Significant enhancement of capabilities of Matrix service, supporting:
    • car, carHOV and truck route modes
    • M:N requests
    • Departure time and time aware route calculations
    • Traffic mode support
    • Avoid links and avoid areas
      A conversion guide is available, that helps customers to switch to the HLP Router

Map Tile API

  • A new tile type added called “blinetile” that shows the same information as the base tile, but without buildings.
  • New feature added for metadata that shows the simplified building outline, this only works with mgen=2.

Traffic API

  • This release includes change for flow and incidents update cycle to 2 minutes.
  • Coverage extension for Flow and Incidents for the following cities in Canada: Manitoba, NB, NS PEI, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Labrador, Yukon-Nunavut.

Geocoder API
Version 6.2.88

  • India: Users can now search for addresses on unnamed streets.
  • India: Users can now search for addresses within a city, district, and sub-district. The Geocoder considers all the area information. Until now, the Geocoder was only able to match either city and district or city and sub-district.
  • Spain: Better support for regional languages. Spanish translations of street types for Galician speaking regions are now supported.
  • Support for additional disputed areas Abu Musa Island, Tunb Islands, and Ilemi Triangle.
  • Weekly map updates based on Stable Baseline.

Batch Geocoder API
Version 6.2.88

  • Release is tested against the latest Geocoder version.

Places API
Version 1.0.11821

  • POI Content updates: Includes Core POIs such as global airports, hospitals, banks grocery stores, etc.
  • Enhanced category search for: Italian, Spanish, Turkish, “Movies” plus location, Distance ranking for "Snacks/Fast Food", Chain plus Location i.e. “Starbucks Berlin”, Enhanced Chain Search, Operating Hours.

HERE Android SDK – Premium Edition
Version 3.0.1

  • Added support for Android M.
  • Expanded support of automatic geopolitical maps
  • Improved the smoothness of zoom transitions in drive mode

HERE iOS SDK – Premium Edition
Version 3.0.1

  • Expanded support of automatic geopolitical maps
  • Added new NMAMapView APIs for setting the visible map layers according to their categories.

Data Lens
Version 1.4.11

  • Added HTTP headers to substitute app_id, app_code query parameters: X-Datalens-App-Id, XDatalens-App-Code. Both are whitelisted in CORS.
  • All geo layers are assigned unique UUID.
  • Stability fixes and increased performance.
  • Geocoding jobs are retuning HTTPs tracking URLs, when appropriate

Self Hosting

  • New self-hosting release based on D58 with Q2/2015 map data available including the Map Tile API, Geocoder API and the Maps for JavaScript API.
  • Traffic and Enterprise Router scheduled to be released by AUGUST – both will contain Q1/2015 data.

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