Make commuting easy, enjoyable and convenient with the new HERE Transit API

12 October 2015

As the world around us is constantly emerging, so are our APIs. Our goal at HERE is to provide you with services that allow your users to access the right context at the right time, while helping them cope with the constant changes around them in a more effective .. and why not, fun way. Today, we’re announcing another great service that does just that – the new Transit API helps your users find their way around in over 960 cities around the world, in a more efficient and personalized way.

While our current Routing API is already exposing some of the more common transit features, the new Transit API is providing those and so much more. The HERE Transit API is designed to provide the best public transit route to a destination, while taking into account transit schedules and predefined routes for buses, trains, subways and more. Through its pedestrian navigation capability, HERE Transit API provides the most appropriate guidance instructions based on a user’s location as well as departure time and day. Pedestrian only access points such as stairways, sidewalks, crosswalks, bridges and escalators are some of the many more that can be considered when navigating your users to a final destination the way it makes most sense to them.

But that’s not all - the HERE Transit API allows for a truly personalized commuting experience and provides you with the right information to make your users feel rewarded when using your application. Having access to accurate timetable information for various transport modes is crucial for users when confronted with difficult daily commutes. HERE Transit APIs considers key transfer points as well as pedestrian access and exit points to provide for a true intermodal experience that can even transcend national boundaries. In addition, the isoline functionality of HERE Transit provides users with a list of station stops that can be reached within a desired travel time, for a specific day of the week.

Some of the most notable parameters available through the Transit API include:

  • first/last mile pedestrian/walking route
  • intermediate/waypoint stops
  • maximum walking distance
  • average walk speed
  • maximum number of transfers
  • real-line geometries
  • entrances/exists
  • transit platforms.

Come check it out now! Click here to get more information on the new HERE Transit API. We trust you will enjoy all the possibilities that HERE Transit API offers you. In case you’d like to get more detailed coverage information please check out our coverage page.