Announcing: the One routing service for all your needs – HLP Router 7.2

24 August 2015

We’re making some exciting changes to the way you can access the HERE routing services. Starting today, you will be able to get access to both consumer and enterprise routing features and functionalities through one single service, the HLP Router 7.2. Click here to get the latest product information, experience the enhanced features and familiarize yourself with this new service.

We know some of you have used the Enterprise Router 6.2 considerably and provided significant feedback over the past year. While we’ve made a concentrated effort to provide you with a single enhanced and comprehensive service, we’ve also aimed at solving some other pressing issues - the HLP Router 7.2 promises an improved performance, processing speed and service experience. Nonetheless, all enterprise specific features such as truck routing, traffic-enabled routing using historical traffic data, matrix and isoline routing are now available through the HLP Router 7.2.

The HLP Router 7.2 also shares a common API specification with the Enterprise Router 6.2, and provides customers with significant capabilities such as:

  • Feature completeness compared to Enterprise Router 6.2
  • Weekly map updates
  • Alternate routes
  • Reverse Isoline routing
  • Extended range of Isoline routing
  • Pedestrian and Public Transport routing provided as new transport modes

We’re inviting you to start using our new service and take advantage of all these benefits. Please be aware that following this release, we will be phasing out the Enterprise Router 6.2 by March 31, 2016. This means that, after this date, no further maintenance and support will be provided, and the service will go offline.

In case you have any questions or if you need any support while migrating to the HLP Router 7.2, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with the migration process. Our Technical Customer Support team is ready to provide answers to all your technical questions.

To get access to more information on the HLP Router 7.2, as well as related technical documentation such as a migration guide, please refer to