Geofencing Extension – a more efficient way to monitor your moving assets

12 October 2015

Why spend time developing your own geofencing functionality when you can get it now from HERE? Today, we’re releasing one of the products you’ve asked about the most – the Geofencing Extension.

The Geofencing Extension makes monitoring of moving assets in reference to any predefined geographic area an easy problem to solve. It checks if and when a reported position is inside or outside a geofence area, as well as the distance from that position to the nearest border of a geofence. When new geofences need to be entered, the Geofencing Extension gives access to an administrative module that allows for automatically upload of Shapefile and WKT files. Today, as many as 10,000 geofences can be linked to different layers and users. Additionally, the Geofencing Extension gives you the flexibility to create as many geofences as you need, and build the desired N to n relations between assets and geo shapes.

Below are some of the more important feature available today through the Geofencing Extension:

  • Point in geofence search
  • Distance in meters to nearest geofence border
  • Check if reported position is in/outside a geofence
  • Importing from Shapefile or WKT files
  • User and data layer management

For additional product information as well as developer documentation please click here. We hope you enjoy coding with the Geofencing Extension.

Stay tuned for more!