Release notification: New Enhancements to HERE Platform services

12 October 2015

A series of enhancements and updates to the HERE Platform services are now available on our production environment. These enhancements are related to the following services:
Routing API, Map Tile API, Geocoder API, Batch Geocoder API, Places API, Toll Cost Extension (TCE), High Performance Routing, HERE Mobile SDKs, Self-hosting, Transit API and Geofencing API.

Summary of enhancements

  • NEW! Geofencing Extension and Transit API launch
  • The Map Tile API now supports a map view displaying countries with labels in their own language
  • The Geocoder API offers further improvements to match correct addresses in India
  • CLE offers full support to the new Geofencing Extension
  • TCE supports Cost Optimized Routing
  • HERE Mobile SDKs: iOS9 support and capability for 13 TTS languages
  • Self-hosting update for various services

Below, you can find detailed information on these major improvements of the HERE Platform for Business services:

Routing API

Version 7.2.61

  • With the new version, the Routing API can now get waypoint related link information
  • Added support for the time parameter: it can be provided to get time and traffic related link information like traffic speed, traffic time, jam factor.
  • New domain names for Matrix Routing 7.2.

Map Tile API


  • A new language code was added, so the map view will show each country in its default language. The labels shown in the default language are: continent, country, and water bodies.
  • New scheme available for public transit system on night mode.

Geocoder API

Version 6.2.94

  • Further improvements in address search in India:
    • Use alternative road names for address matching.
    • Match to smallest area with multiple district names.
    • Match to variants of name initials (for example, M.G.R., M G R, MGR).
  • Support for additional disputed areas: Russia political view on Crimea, Kuril Islands (Shikotan, Iturup, Habomai, and Kunashir).
  • Weekly map data updates are based on Q3/2015 data releases.

Batch Geocoder API

Version 6.2.39

  • Release tested against and runs with latest Geocoder version

Places API

Version 1.0.12156

  • Documentation has been restructured that the public documentation now also contains features that are not available to everyone. These features are marked as such. Access to those features is available on request.
  • POI content updates: Core POIs, Core map information such as admin. Units, cities, roads and point addresses. Updates to POIs mapped to Core POI categories from 3rd party/local specialty sources, Facebook: Global business listings.
  • Enhancements for geo-political disputed areas: Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Sandwich Islands, Cyprus.
  • Places API retrieves and returns fuel price information for gas and petrol stations in search response.

Custom Location Extension (CLE)

Version 1.8.1

  • Changes to database format regarding integration of Geofencing data
  • Support for polygons in WKT format implemented

Toll Cost Extension (TCE)

Version 2.0

  • TCE 2.0 delivers a new key feature: Cost Optimized Routing:
    • Receives routing request including all supported routing options available from the HERE Platform Routing service and the vehicle attributes relevant to toll cost calculation
    • Calculates cost optimized routes based on cost per km (vehicle), per hour (driver) and applicable toll costs.
    • Returns the cheapest route alternative including full route description and if applicable toll costs for the roads segments that are belonging to toll roads

High Performance Matrix Routing

Matrix Router 7.2

  • New cluster deployed with HLP Router 7.2
  • Separate URL
  • No separate documentation anymore
  • Initial load tests show a performance improvement of up to 40%

HERE Mobile SDKs for Business

Version 3.0.2

  • Support of 13 TTS languages (available as soon new delivery portal version is released end of October)
  • iOS 9.0 support
  • "Via" waypoints feature is now available for car routing


September update

  • A new update is now available on EDD, containing updates for the following services:
    • HERE Routing D61 2015Q1
    • HERE Routing D61 2015Q2
    • HERE Traffic D61 2015Q1
    • HERE World MRS D60 2015Q2
    • HERE World JSAPI D60 2015Q3
    • HERE Geocoder D60 2015Q3
    • HERE Batch Geocoder D58 2015Q3
    • HERE Reverse Geocoder D60 2015Q3
  • The first version of the HLP Router 7.2 is now available, but no Traffic option is available. This is planned to come in the next Self-Hosting release.

Geofencing Extension (GFE)

Version 1.0

  • Service add-on that allows for monitoring mobile assets in reference to a geographic area:
    • Inside/outside a geofence
    • Distance to next border
    • Easy administration and upload of any number of custom geofences
    • Can leverage responses from other HERE Platform service to create polygons that can be used as geofences (i.e. isoline routing, admin areas from PDE)

Transit API

Version 2.0.0

  • A set of RESTful web services that allow for development of applications with feature rich transit and pedestrian experiences
  • Route from door-to-door with all needed information to get into the right train at the right time
  • It leverages a rich portfolio of data from public transit authorities, external agencies as well as HERE proprietary map content
  • Coverage in over 960 cities… and more to come!
  • Full routing and search functionality in one single API

HERE Platform for Business Team