Fleet Connectivity Extension – A new step towards improved communication, productivity and efficiency

14 December 2015

In a world where connectivity is becoming a requirement for enterprise efficiency and productivity, Fleet Connectivity Extension is the step in the right direction. If you’re a developer interested in enabling a more effective communication between a backend system and a mobile device, then this is the product for you.

Fleet Connectivity Extension allows fleet managers or dispatchers to send destinations (e.g. delivery points, work sites, garages) along with other important information directly into a navigation device while eliminating the need to call the driver and have him/her manually type the address. Additionally, the navigation device can be configured to send the dispatcher dynamic ETAs while taking into account any possible delays encountered along the route. Of course, all this is possible when the backend system is powered by HERE Platform and the navigation device is leveraging the latest HERE Mobile SDK. Today, our HERE Mobile SDK 3.1 comes with turn-by-turn guidance not just for cars, but also for trucks, which allows you to provide an optimal navigation experience to the driver.

Key features of Fleet Connectivity Extension include:

  • Pull communication service using http
    • Send new destination from backend system to device
    • Update ETA threshold on device
    • Send custom message to device
    • Send new ETA from mobile device to back end system if defined threshold was exceeded
  • Administration database for managing mobile assets

For additional product information as well as developer documentation please click here. If you’d like to get more information on the turn-by-turn guidance functionality for trucks, please check the product section of the Developer Portal.