HERE Mobile SDK 3.1 delivers new features for mapping, guidance and transit

14 December 2015

The new release of HERE Mobile SDK 3.1 brings a variety of new capabilities to mobile app developers.

If visualization of venues maps is something you’re already used to, then routing inside a venue (e.g. a store inside a mall, a workstation office inside a warehouse) takes this experience to a whole new level. HERE Mobile SDK 3.1 provides indoor routing functionality from a place A to a place B inside a venue, or from a place A outside a venue (e.g. office, home) to a place B inside a venue. But indoor routing is only one element of the full door-to-door experience that the new SDK can now enable. The HERE Mobile SDK 3.1 comes with a comprehensive set of transit features which allow for a seamless routing experience by linking different transport modes and connection hubs. Detailed walking instructions leveraging pedestrian access points, transit platform descriptions, number of transfers and tariff information are some of the features available to use and integrate the way it makes most sense to your users.

Last but not least, the HERE Mobile SDK 3.1 is now equipped with voice guidance not just for pedestrians and cars, but also for trucks. With this release, developers can extend the use of the already available truck routing functionality by enhancing it with turn-by-turn voice instructions in over 50 languages.

Below is a complete list of features available through the Premium Edition of the new HERE Mobile SDK 3.1 release:


  • Maps for geopolitical views (i.e. disputed borders)


  • Indoor routing
  • Additional routing avoidances: road links, areas
  • Stop-overs and via-points along route


  • Support for markers and polylines


  • 20 languages for spoken street names


  • Station search by name
  • Nearby station search based on current location and transit type
  • Coverage information w/ transit provider information
  • Next nearby departures for the closest transit line and station
  • All next departures for all transit lines and stations around
  • Transit routing w/ pedestrian connectivity & pedestrian routing

Additional Enterprise features include:


  • Voice turn-by-turn guidance for trucks
  • Integrated w/ Fleet Connectivity Extension

Even though the majority of the new features are released under the Premium Edition of the Mobile SDK, the Starter edition also comes with bug fixes, stability and performance improvements. Come check out the new HERE Mobile SDK 3.1 Starter and Premium Edition - we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do!

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