Release notification: New Enhancements to HERE Platform services

17 February 2016

A series of enhancements and updates to the HERE Platform services are now available on our production environment. These enhancements are related to the following services:
HLP Routing API, Enterprise Routing API, Matrix Routing API, Maps API for Java Script, Map Tile API, Map Image API, Geocoder and Geocoder Autocomplete API, Batch Geocoder API, Places API, Platform Data Extension, Route Match Extension, Traffic API and Transit API

Summary of enhancements

The release is mainly a maintenance release, highlights are:

  • Support for traffic/time optimized routing for alternative routes
  • Geocoder now provides support for new address schema INWANI in Qatar.
  • Added intersection search support for USA queries in Autocomplete API

Below, you can find detailed information on these major improvements of the HERE Platform for Business services:

Routing API

Version 7.2.65

  • Support for traffic/time optimized routing for alternative routes.
  • Improved handling of restricted private/gated areas for car routing.
  • Customizable walk speed and walk radius for Public Transit requests.

Geocoder API

Version 6.2.104

  • Added support for new address schema INWANI in Qatar.
  • Improved matching of numbered street names in Mexico, The Netherlands, and Italy so that queries can contain spelled out or numeric forms regardless of that is in the map data.
  • Improved matching in Romania and Hungary for queries where words with low relevance from street names are omitted.
  • To improve the representation of the Polish administrative structure, changes were made to the administrative leveling in the Geocoder.

Geocoder Autocomplete API

Version 6.2.104

  • Added intersection search support for USA queries.
  • Improved matching of connected query tokens to connected tokens in results including house numbers.

Traffic API


This release includes coverage extension for Flow including the following new markets:

  • Andorra

Map Tile data

Public Transit coverage improvements

Tram System

  • Berlin Tram (Germany)

Metro Systems

  • Baku (Azerbaijan)
  • Сairo (Egypt)
  • Caracas (Venezuela)
  • Lima (Paru)
  • Minsk (Belarus)
  • Panama City (Panama)
  • Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)
  • Sofia (Bulgaria)
  • Tashkent (Uzbekistan)
  • Tbilisi (Georgia)


1. Usage of HERE domains

Some of our customers are still using the Nokia domains ( for accessing the HERE Platform for Business services. Since April 2014 our documentations only lead to the HERE domains (… With this version of the Release Notification we inform that Nokia/NLP domains will not be supported any more by end of 2016. Until than all customers latest have to switch to the HERE domains

2. Migration of Enterprise Router 6.2

Since the monthly platform release in July the latest HLP Router version 7.2. offers feature parity with the Enterprise Router 6.2. All Enterprise specific features like e.g. Truck Routing, Traffic enabled Routing using Traffic Patterns, Matrix and Isoline routing are now available in the HLP Router.

Our customers are kindly requested to migrate from the Enterprise Router 6.2 to the HLP Router 7.2. The Enterprise Router 6.2 is now in maintenance mode: no new features will be developed and only critical bug fixes, map updates and support will be provided. After March 31, 2016, no further maintenance and support will be provided, and the service will go offline.

HERE Platform for Business Team