Sharing made easy with the HERE Link Builder

11 April 2016 by Katerina Apostolova

At HERE we help make mobility easy for millions of people around the world. Now you can help people find the right way by easily sharing a directions or place link from HERE Maps, even from your own applications.

We wanted to create an easy way to create and share customisable links to different views on HERE Maps, so we built the simple Link Builder tool. With Link Builder, you can quickly create and optimize a place or directions link in one simple view, and immediately share it in an email, on your social networks, on your blog or anywhere you like!

Say you're planning a party, and you want all the guests to have a quick way to get directions from their own location to the party venue. Easy! Just create a directions link, and specify "Use user's location" as the starting point, and the party venue as the end point. You can now send this one link to all your guests, and they will each ge t customized driving, public transport or walking directions from their location to you. It couldn't be easier!

When your guest opens this link, it will open HERE Maps in their web browser, whether they are on their laptop, tablet or smartphone, and they can see the directions alternatives immediately. If the user is using a smartphone and already has the HERE Maps app installed, the link will open the app immediately.


  • Link directly to Directions, or show a specific Address or Point of Interest
  • Show directions for driving, walking or public transport
  • Directions shown on HERE Maps use live data and take traffic and incidents into account
  • Works seamlessly on desktop or mobile

Of course, this reference app is merely the beginning. You can access its full code and documentation on GitHub, which enables you build deep links on the fly in your own applications.

Happy Linking!