Maps API for JavaScript Examples -- Now on GitHub and JSFiddle

11 August 2016 by Sebastien Quintas

The HERE Maps API for Javascript offers powerful libraries that bring our maps to life within your applications. To help you better work with the JavaScript API and to take your applications to the next level, we've ported our examples found in the API Explorer to two important developer resources: GitHub and JSFiddle.

Our GitHub organization now stores nearly 50 code examples that cover different use cases to help you learn how to work with the API. We've got you covered from introductory scenarios where you place a marker on a map, to more complex interactions where you can synchronize two maps. To help you find your inspiration, we've openly shared the code used to create our examples. You can view the complete list at

For an added layer of interactivity, we've also exposed these same examples to JSFiddle. Using JSFiddle, you can directly work with our JavaScript examples in a playground environment that enables you to rapidly prototype new solutions. The same marker on a map and synchronize two maps examples are now also available for you to modify and extend as you see fit. For a list to our available fiddles, visit

To learn more about what the HERE Maps API for JavaScript has to offer and how you can implement its features, see our developer's guide for more information.