New Suite of indoor and outdoor positioning products now available through HERE’s Mobile SDK.

26 October 2016

We're excited to announce a new portfolio of positioning products! Whether you are looking for positioning within a building, keeping your device location-aware with ultra-low power consumption or trying to position a device that doesn't have GPS, you can do so with the new positioning products through HERE's Mobile SDK.

Indoor Positioning:

Part of the HERE Mobile SDK for Business, the Indoor Positioning API gives access to services that enable high accuracy indoor positioning capabilities within a given venue or indoor space. It leverages signal strength measurements from Wi-Fi Access Points (Android -only) and/or Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons (Android, iOS) with an accuracy of 2-5 meters to provide one of the highest precision of indoor positioning available today.

Indoor Positioning highlights include:

  • Support for Private and Public Zones
  • Automated Floor Detection
  • Offline Mode: Automatic download of offline radio data for positioning without a data connection
  • Mobile Ready (SDKs for Android and iOS available)
  • Support for EddyStone beacons and iBeacons as well as standard Wi-Fi
  • Integrated with Public and Private HERE Venue Maps
  • Building detection to identify which HERE Venue Map to utilize

The following will be available with Indoor Positioning through the Mobile SDK:

  • Location estimate & uncertainty values
  • Floor level
  • Building Information
  • Speed & Heading
  • Position source (e.g. indoor engine)
  • Positioning technology (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi)

For additional product information as well as developer documentation please click here.

Network Positioning (Global):

Part of the HERE Mobile SDK for Business (for Android), the Positioning API provides position information based on Cell IDs or Wi-Fi Access Point information. It leverages a global database of Cell IDs (GSM, WCDMA, LTE, and TD-SCDMA) and Wi-Fi Access Points that a mobile client can detect to obtain a geographic position with a confidence radius.

Key features of Network Positioning for the Mobile SDK include the following:

  • Wi-Fi based Positioning
  • Cell ID based Positioning
  • Combination of Wi-Fi and Cell
  • Supported Cellular Technologies: GSM, WCDMA, LTE, TD-SCDMA (China)
  • Online positioning with caching to reduce online requests
  • Offline mode: Automatic download of offline radio data for positioning without a data connection
  • Automatic Positioning switching between GNSS, Wi-Fi and cellular network positioning
  • Typical Accuracy
    • Cell ID: 500m-1500m*
    • Wi-Fi: 30-50m**
      • *Dependent strongly on cell size
      • **Dependent on the Wi-Fi density

The following will be available with Network Positioning through the Mobile SDK:

  • Location estimate & uncertainty values
  • Position source (e.g. online, offline)
  • Positioning technology (Wi-Fi, Cell, combination)

HERE’s positioning solutions offered through the Mobile SDK for Business allow you to have reliable and accurate positioning in any environment. Used together, Indoor Positioning and Network Positioning provide you with seamless positioning capabilities from outdoors to inside of a building.

Interested in trying out Positioning? It’s a 2-step process for now. First, Click here to register for a 90-day free trial of the Mobile SDK. Next, please Contact Us requesting that we enable Positioning for your SDK and make sure to provide your app_ID in the request.